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7 Songs That Capture the Fusion of Hip Hop and Relationships

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Rap and hip-hop might not be to everyone’s tastes. But this music genre is listened to by more individuals on this planet than any other. Surveys undertaken by marketing companies have revealed that over one-quarter of worldwide music fans regularly tune into rap or hip-hop. It’s hardly any surprise that in its country of origin, the USA (Bronx, New York City to be precise), this musical style sits at number one in popularity. Figures in the UK and many other European countries are the same, particularly among 16-24-year-old African Americans. One reason for the ongoing success of this sometimes aggressive but always arresting genre is that ever since its origin in block parties in the 1970s, it has captured the imagination of the younger generation.

Rapping about Life

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From the earliest exponents – Grandmaster Flash, LL Cool J, Ice Cube, Run DMC, Dr. Dre, and so many more – through to today’s multi-million-selling rappers – Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z, Drake, and Eminem, hip-hop has spread like wildfire because it has provided an escape route from social issues like injustice, racism, crime, and drugs. It has always been about empowerment. For this reason, although much of rap music has been political and ‘in your face,’ many songs have addressed relationship issues. For anyone in cities with a strong hip-hop culture who has ever asked, ‘Where can I find hookups near me?* The answer lies in checking out music for inspiration and the digital matchmaking environment for practical application! Going online to seek out other singles who love listening to rap has become massive, with dating outlets providing algorithms to help newcomers find people with compatible tastes. The discreet communication channels provided by these sites and apps are the perfect place for hip-hop fans to come together and plan flings. The chat rooms are always buzzing with discussions about every aspect of modern life, with genres like rap, soul, funk, and pop always featuring highly.

Some of the Best Hip-Hop Hookup Songs

Eminem – Crazy in Love

Forget the fact that this cool rapper has sometimes dissed himself! Here, his trademark quick rhymes are fired out at a dizzying rate over a five-minute anthem about love and relationships. 

Killer Mike featuring Big Boi – A.D.I.D.A.S.

There were once rumors about the iconic fashion brand (popular with hip-hop artists for years) being an acronym for ‘All Day I Dream About Sex.’ Whether it’s an urban myth or not, Killer Mike brings the notion to life over a breezy rhythm. After borrowing Viagra, he ends up advocating safe sex (“When I drill, I don’t spill, even if she’s on the pill”). Noble sentiments when so much rap music is about a much more casual approach!

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Lil Wayne featuring Static Major – Lollipop

A rap song about licking lollipops. Now what could that possibly be alluding to? The song went on to win a Grammy, proving that rapping about casual encounters sells!

Khia – My Neck, My Back (Lick It)

This former bartender has hit the charts several times with raunchy rap songs about hooking up. This is her best-selling single so far, despite its lyrical content being extremely honest!

Shawnna – Getting’ Some

Chicago-born Shawnna, formerly of the rap duo Infamous Syndicate, was the first female artist to sign for Def Jam South. Her pedigree is outstanding, her father being none other than Blues legend Buddy Guy, cited as an influence by everyone from Jimi Hendrix to Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. His daughter’s rapping style may be radically different, but it still rocks! Here, she pokes fun at a guy trying to chat her up. This cool girl isn’t going to date just anyone.

Miss Elliott – Pussycat

The first female artist inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Pussycat is one of her sexiest songs, containing the irresistible line, “Pussy don’t fail me now.” A version of this song was rejected by Janet Jackson and Lil Kim for being too explicit!

Outkast – Spread

Famous for the worldwide R&B stomper, ‘Hey Ya!’ from 2003, here the band’s rapper Andre 3000 croons and raps his way through a track much more R-rated! If the former hit was a catchy pop song, this is much steamier, rapping about how he’d like to hook up and do things “backwardly, forwardly, horizontally.”

In conclusion, New York City and many other US cities have long been cultural melting pots, so hip-hop fired the imagination of many separate communities – black, white, and Latino – bringing people together. Hip-hop reflects life for rappers, dancers, graffiti artists, and their fans – especially when people have sung about subjects audiences could relate to. Like casual flings. To gain an overview of the powerful impact and inspiration of hip-hop, you only have to consider how songs have addressed human relationships. Our list is far from definitive – so go out and start adding to it!

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