Berlin Edmond: Who Is He? Everything To Know About The ’Eezy Gang’ Founder

Berlin Edmond is an American Youtuber who goes by the name Berleezy on YouTube. He uploaded his first video on the platform in April 2013 and subsequently became well-known in the streaming community for his exposed and gaming videos. His channel gradually expanded following the viral success of his Dora The Explorer exposed video and his reactions to the popular The Walking Dead Game. By extension, that is what, at some point, launched the expansion of his channel to what it is now. He has developed into a versatile streamer that plays various games on his iBerleezy channel and broadcasts them to his audience.

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In addition, he frequently broadcasts alongside other streamers, notably “Somebros” – a group that consists of Joeiaco, JoJoThaMoFo, PG (Physical Gamerz), Rico the Giant, ImDontai, and himself.

Berlin Edmond Religion – Is He Christian?

Berlin Edmond grew up in a religious family and is by extension a firm believer in Christianity. He is never ashamed to publicly talk about his love for God in his videos.

Family Life

He frequently calls his mother because they are close. He has two sisters as well as a niece.


How Tall Is Berleezy? Berleezy Height

Berleezy is 6’5, which is above the average height for a male.

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How Old Is Berleezy?

His birthplace was in California. Berleezy was born on December 16, 1992, making him 31 years old right now. Additionally, Sagittarius is the YouTuber’s solar sign. Berleezy graduated from Cal State Fullerton in 2017.

Does Berleezy Have A Girlfriend?

Berlin Edmond hasn’t revealed if he is dating anyone at this time. However, if he was ever to find a partner, he revealed in a 2018 Q&A that his partner would be a female gamer with a good sense of humor.

Berleezy Merch

He is the founder of the clothing brand #eezygang. His Eezygang Merch is sold on and is usually sold out.

Berleezy Twitch

Berleezy has an active Twitch account and currently has nearly 600k subscribers on the platform. Follow him at @Berleezy.

Does Berleezy Have A Twitter Account?

Berleezy is fairly active on Twitter and currently has almost 2k subscribers on the platform. Follow him @Berleezy.

Berleezy Instagram

Berleezy is active on Instagram and currently has over 800k followers on the app. Follow him @Berleezy.

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