Big Scarr’s Family Accuse Gucci Mane Of Ghosting Them After Offering To Pay For Late Rapper’s Funeral 

UPDATE: Big Scarr’s father says Gucci Mane sent in “10 bands,” for the funeral, while he covered the rest.

“First of all, I got to send shouts out to Atlantic Records man. They gave my son a big boy chance. Gucci – I got to send shouts out to Gucci too. Y’all might not like it but I got to give my boy what he did, man,” Scarr’s father said on Instagram live. “He gave my son a major major chance man. I can’t let y’all throw dude under the bus like that. Come on now, the truth is the truth, man. I gave nobody permission to do that.

“I ain’t looking for nothing, I just want what rightfully belong to my son,” he continued. “I ain’t asking for nothing else. I don’t want nothing else. They sent they 10 bands. Gucci, he sent his 10 bands. I covered the rest. I appreciate that big time. Certain things was said that shouldn’t have been said. It was wrong. Man to man, I wish somebody woulda just dialed my [number] and talked to your guy 100. All this out of control.

He added: “Gucci and them was the best thing that ever happened to my son. Nobody deserves this here. Shouts out to everybody who sent flowers. Gucci sent flowers. He did what he could. He ain’t have to do none of that. I just wish I was the one being talked to so we could have that understood.”


Original story: Published Jan. 9

Gucci Mane is under fire from Big Scarr’s family after he reportedly ghosted the family during their time of need.

According to Scarr’s close friend, Quezz Ruthless, Gucci Mane offered to cover Big Scarr’s funeral cost, but was unreachable the day of the burial. 

“You dead wrong, you dead wrong. When pops and ‘em called you and asked you, you were the one that told them folks that you were going to pay for the funeral. You told them that you was gon pay for everything,” Quezz said in an Instagram Live clip.

“The minute that them folks called your phone to see if you was gon pay for the funeral you blocked ‘em. That’s not real,” he added.

“You say to them you finna pay for the funeral, then you lie,” Quezz later added. “You didn’t have to lie! You ain’t have to go ghost either, cuh. It was gonna get paid for either way. You could’ve just said you ain’t have the money. You don’t get no type of respect for that, cuh.”

“The minute that them folks called yo phone to see if you gon’ pay for the funeral, you blocked them. That’s not real, cuh. You ain’t straight. You only trying to act all real. You posted Scarr talking ’bout some long live — bruh, you ain’t do nothing, cuh.”

“When they texted you and asked you about Scarr’s funeral, cuh, you told them folks that Keyshia’s birthday coming up. Man, y’all rich! Y’all can celebrate her birthday any day. Come on now, cuh.”

He also claims Gucci asked the family to return the 1017 chain he gave Big Scarr when he signed him to his 1017 record label in 2020.

“You ain’t even text and check on the family but you text about some chains. Can’t believe you cuh, on god, I can’t believe you,” he continued. “You better not come to try to get these chains because on god we’re going to have real problems… You knew not to show up at that funeral … Even if you would came, you were gonna get stomped at the door.”

Big Scarr’s sister, Alexandra Woods also blasted Gucci Mane on social media for demanding they return the chain, and for also canceling on his promise to pay for the funeral. 

“OMM he not getting them chains back!! Before anyone get to speaking on some shit they don’t know about! Yes he asked for the chains back & No he not getting them back!! My brother earned ts my brother mean everything to us and for him to do him like this is low down AF!!,” she wrote on Social media.

“He said he couldn’t pay for the funeral because his wife birthday coming up n-gga you a millionaire Gucci a  b-tch!! Gotta get in back blood!!!,” she concluded.

While Gucci Mane is yet to respond to the allegations, the East Atlanta Santa mourned Scarr’s death on Instagram writing “This hurt [crying emoji] I’m a miss you @bigscarr [broken heart emoji].”

Big Scarr died from accidental prescription drug overdose on Thursday, December 22 at his girlfriend’s house in Memphis. He was 22. 

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