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Future Kids: How Many Children Does Future Have And What Are Their Names?

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As of May 2023 Future has fathered eight children with eight different women. From Jakobi to Kash, each child represents a unique bond and individual story within the rapper’s expanding family.

Future’s parenting style has often been the subject of much scrutiny. He has been criticized for his absenteeism and for his public feuds with his children’s mothers. However, he has also been praised for his willingness to talk about his parenting struggles and for his commitment to being a part of his children’s lives.

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In a 2017 interview with GQ, Future said, “I want to be the best father I can be. I want to be there for my kids, I want to be there for their milestones, I want to be there for their birthdays, I want to be there for their graduations. I want to be there for everything.”

Future has also spoken about the importance of co-parenting with his children’s mothers. In a 2018 interview with The Breakfast Club, he said, “I think co-parenting is the best thing for the kids. It’s not about me and the mother, it’s about the kids. We have to put our differences aside and do what’s best for them.”

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Future’s commitment to being actively involved in his children’s lives, despite the complexities that may arise, showcases the importance he places on fatherhood. He has also said that he wants to have more children in the future. In this blog post we’re going to delve into the names and some background information about Future’s publicly known children and their baby mamas.

Names Of All Future’s Known Children And Their Mothers 

NameBirth YearMother
jakobi Wilburn2002Jessica Smith
Londyn Wilburn2009India J.
Prince Wilburn2012Brittni Mealy
Future Zahir2014Ciara
Hendrix Wilburn2018Joie Chavis
Reign Wilburn2019Eliza Seraphin
Paris Wilburn2020unknown
Kash Wilburn2020unknown

Jakobi Wilburn (born 2002) – Mother: Jessica Smith

Jakobi Wilburn is the firstborn son of rapper Future and Jessica Smith. He was born on June 30, 2002 in Atlanta, Georgia. Jakobi aka King Kobi or Baby Pluto is a rapper and has released several songs, including “Outside,” “Pink Lemonade,” and “In Due Time.” He has also collaborated with other artists, such as Ken Car$on and Lil Cozy. Jakobi is currently signed to the record label Freebandz.

Jakobi has been open about his struggles with his father’s fame and the attention that comes his way. Speaking with The Breakfast Club in 2019, Kobi said, “It’s hard being Future’s son. People always expect me to be like him, but I’m not. I’m my own person.”

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Kobi’s mother, Jessica Smith sued Future in 2016 for allegedly neglecting their son and failing to maintain a loving relationship with him. Not much else is known about Jessica as she prefers to keep a low profile away from the limelight.

Londyn Wilburn (born 2009) – Mother: India Jones

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Future and Londyn in Japan Bape store

Londyn Wilburn was born March 20, 2009 to India J. She is Future’s oldest daughter. Future dated India after ending his relationship with Jessica. Although they were never married, Future and India had a long relationship and were seemingly a happy couple once. Londyn was born when Future was 28 years old. The rapper has always been a devoted father to Londyn, and he has often spoken about how much he loves his daughter.

Prince Wilburn (born 2012) – Mother: Brittni Mealy

Prince Wilburn is the son of Future and instagram model Brittni Mealy. He was born on December 5, 2012, in Atlanta, Georgia. Prince’s parents have had a tumultuous relationship and have been in and out of court over child support and custody issues. In 2016, Brittni filed a restraining order against Future, alleging that he had threatened to kill her. Future denied the allegations, and the restraining order was later dismissed.

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Future and Prince in West Hollywood

Despite the challenges in his personal life, Prince seems to be a happy and well-adjusted child. He is often seen attending his father’s concerts and events. Prince is also a talented artist and has been featured in several of his father’s music videos.

In 2022, Prince Wilburn graduated from elementary school. He is currently attending middle school in Atlanta. Prince is a bright and ambitious child, and he has a bright future ahead of him.

Future Zahir Wilburn (born 2014) – Mother: Ciara

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One of the most widely known of Future’s children, Future Zahir Wilburn, was born on May 19 2014 to the singer Ciara. He is often seen spending time with his parents and his siblings. He is also a fan of sports, and he enjoys playing basketball and football.

In 2016, Future Zahir Wilburn was the subject of a custody battle between his parents. Ciara and Future ended their relationship few months after Zahir was born, and Ciara requested primary custody of Zahir. Future fought for joint custody, and the case went to trial in 2016. In the end, Ciara was awarded primary custody of their son.

Hendrix Wilburn (born 2018) – Mother: Joie Chavis

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Hendrix Wilburn is the fifth child of Future. He was born on December 15, 2018, in Atlanta, Georgia. His mother, Instagram model and dancer, Joie Chavis, often posts pictures of him on social media.

Future and Hendrix’s mother Joie Chavis were in a relationship from 2017 to 2019, and they have had some disagreements over child support. However, they seem to be on good terms now, and they both seem to be involved in Hendrix’s life.

Reign Wilburn (born 2019) – Mother: Eliza Seraphin

Reign Wilburn is the daughter of rapper Future and Florida realtor Eliza Reign. She was born on April 19, 2019. Reign Wilburn is a popular figure on social media, and she has over 18,000 followers on Instagram at the time of this posting. Her mother, Eliza Reign, often posts pictures of her on social media, and Reign has become a fashion icon for young girls. She has been featured in several fashion magazines, and she has even had her own clothing line.

Reign’s parents have had a tumultuous relationship, and they have been involved in several legal battles over child support. In 2018, Eliza Reign filed a paternity lawsuit against Future who originally denied fathering a child with the Instagram model. A DNA test later confirmed that he was the father of Eliza’s daughter and a judge ordered the rapper to pay Eliza $32,000 a month in child support. She initially wanted $50,000 a month.

Paris Wilburn (born 2020) – Mother: Unknown

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Future and his kids

Paris Wilburn was born in 2020, when the rapper was 38 years old. Although her mother prefers to keep a low profile and remains unknown, Paris’ arrival further highlights the evolving nature of Future’s personal life and the challenges of balancing fame, relationships, and fatherhood.

Kash Wilburn (born 2022) – Mother: Unknown

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Future, King Kobi, Jaiden, Londyn and Future Zahir

The most recent addition to Future’s family is Kash Wilburn, born in 2020. While details regarding his mother are currently unknown, Future wished her a happy Mother’s Day in 2020, describing her as “a real one.”

Future reportedly has a ninth child with a woman named Cindy Renee Parker, but it has not been publicly confirmed. In 2019, Cindy filed a paternity lawsuit against Future, alleging that he is the father of her baby.

During the legal process, Cindy and Eliza Reign, who had previously filed a paternity lawsuit against Future, reportedly took a DNA test together to determine if their babies were siblings. It was ultimately determined through the test that Future is indeed the father of Eliza’s daughter. As a result, Cindy eventually dropped her own lawsuit.

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