Monday, October 2, 2023
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How Much Does Future Charge For A Feature?

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How Much Does Future Charge For A Show?

Artist: Future
Booking Fee: $250,000

While doing media roundups in promotion of her sophomore album, Traumazine. Megan Thee Stallion revealed she paid Future $250k to appear on “Pressurelicious.

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“It’s a really crazy story,” she said in a previous interview with the LA Leakers. “I had the beat for Pressurelicious… and I recorded the song and I recorded it one way. And I’m like ‘you know what, this would really sound hard if Future was on this shit.”

“So how I went about it was, okay, somebody figure out what Future feature price,” she continued. “I was just asking what’s his feature price…and they was like okay 250. He wants 250K.”

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“I was like, ‘Okay, bet.’ Somebody go pull 250,000 out of the bank…and go drop it off to Future and tell him I need the verse before he leaves [Miami].”

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