Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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How Tall Is Berleezy? Height Details Revealed With Proof

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There’s much confusion about Berlin Edmond’s true height and fans want to know just how tall the YouTuber really is.

After thorough research we can now conclude that Berlin is 6’5. To get to this conclusion we had to look back at several interviews, fan comments and clips about the YouTuber including one where he meets fellow YouTuber Rico The Giant for the first time. Rico has said on live that he’s 6foot 6inches tall and in the clip below there isn’t much difference in height when he’s standing next to Berleezy, who had been reported to be 6’5.

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With that, we can now boldly say Berlin Edmond or Berleezy like his fans know him is 6foot 5inches tall. And that should officially end the debate, but what do you think? If you disagree you can tell us in the comments how tall you think Berleezy really is.

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