J. Cole Responds To Kendrick Lamar On New Song ‘7 Minute Drill’

J. Cole has apparently fired back at Kendrick Lamar after the former TDE rapper took jabs at him and Drake on Future and Metro Boomin’s “Like That.”

In his verse, Lamar references J. Cole and Drake’s collaboration “First Person Shooter,” implying they were dissing him subtly.

J. Cole fires back on “7 Minute Drill”

On the final track of his surprise album “Might Delete Later,” Cole responds directly to Lamar. He raps, “I got a phone call, they say that somebody dissing / You want some attention, it come with extensions… He still doing shows but fell off like The Simpsons.” 

Cole didn’t stop there. He went on to critique Lamar’s discography, questioning their critical acclaim.


“Your first shit was classic, your last shit was tragic / Your second shit put n—s to sleep but they gassed it / Your third shit was massive and that was your prime / I was trailing right behind and I just now hit mine,” he raps. “Now I’m front of the line with a comfortable lead/ How ironic, soon as I got it, now he want somethin’ with me.”

Cole goes on to suggests Lamar relies on diss verses to stay relevant: “He averaging one Hard verse like every 30 months or something / If he wasn’t dissing, then we wouldn’t be discussing nothin’ / Lord, don’t make me have to smoke this n—a ’cause I fuck with him / But push come to shove on this mic I will humble him.”

Despite expressing prayers for peace and love for Lamar, Cole admits to being “powered up for real” and suggests that beefing with Lamar “would feel like swatting a fly.”

“Four albums in twelve years, n—-a, I can divide/ Shit, if this is what you want, I’m indulgin’ in violence,” he adds. 

Listen to “7 Minute Drill” below.


The “Big Three” debate

The rappers’ feud stems from a line in J. Cole’s verse on Drake’s “First Person Shooter” where he placed himself, Kendrick Lamar, and Drake in the same tier of success, calling them the “big three.” Lamar challenged this notion on “Like That,” claiming “It’s just big me,” suggesting he’s in a league of his own. 

While J. Cole directly addressed Lamar on his track, Drake has so far only offered vague references to Lamar’s diss during his current tour.

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