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Nick Cannon Kids: How Many Children Does Nick Cannon Have And What Are Their Names?

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Nick Cannon is a successful comedian, actor, and television host, but his biggest role in life is that of a father. He has 12 children with 6 different women, and each of them holds a special place in his heart. From his twins with Mariah Carey to his newborn girl with Alyssa Scott, Nick has been open about his love for his kids and his commitment to being a present and involved father.

“Every day I just wake up excited as a father,” he told People in May 2022. “I’m so excited about all my kids. Constantly, from every aspect of it. From them getting citizen of the month awards in the first grade to the birth of the new ones.”

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Although he admits to having his hands full with 12 children, the Masked Singer hasn’t ruled out having more kids in the future. “God decides when we’re done, but I believe I definitely got my hands full,” Cannon shared in a 2023 interview with Entertainment Tonight. “And I’m so focused. I’m locked in. But when I’m 85, you never know. I might.”

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Nick Cannon and his children, their names, their mothers, and what he’s said about being a dad.

Names Of All Nick Cannon’s Known Children And Their Mothers 

Birth yearNameMother 
Apr. 30, 2011Moroccan ScottMariah Carey 
Apr. 30, 2011MonroeMariah Carey 
Feb. 21, 2017Golden SagonBrittany Bell
Dec. 23, 2020Powerful QueenBrittany Bell
June 14, 2021Zion Mixolydian Abby De La Rosa
June 14, 2021Zillion Heir Cannon Abby De La Rosa
June 23, 2021Zen CannonAlyssa Scott.
July, 2022Legendary Love CannonBre Tiesi
Sept. 14, 2022Onyx Ice Cole CannonLaNisha Cole
Aug. 2022Rise Messiah CannonBrittany Bell
Nov. 11, 2022Beautiful Zeppelin CannonDe La Rosa 
Dec. 14, 2022Halo Marie CannonAlyssa Scott

Nick Cannon as of April 2023 has 12 children, including seven boys and five girls. Here are their names and some information about them:

Monroe and Moroccan Cannon
Mother: Mariah Carey

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Nick Cannon was married to Mariah Carey from 2008 to 2016. They had twins, Monroe and Moroccan Cannon, in 2011. Speaking to E! News, Nick Cannon explained the meaning behind their children’s unorthodox names.

“Monroe, obviously, is named by Marilyn Monroe, who my wife has been inspired by and loved for many years,” Cannon said. “And my son, I love his name, we called him Moroccan. He needed a strong name … Roc Cannon.

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“And,” he added, “you think about Moroccan and that’s kind of like my name and Mariah’s name phonetically together. I also proposed to my wife in our Moroccan room. There’s a lot of meanings to it. We put a lot of thought into those names.”

Carey wrote about her six-year marriage to Nick Cannon in her 2020 memoir. “Honestly, I think Nick and I could have worked it out between the two of us, but egos and emotions got inflamed (which can translate into many billable lawyer hours, and ultimately it did),” she wrote. “It was tough. We both wanted to make sure everything was cool for our family. We will always be family, and we make it work.”

Golden Sagon
Mother: Brittany Bell

Brittany Bell is a former beauty pageant contestant and actress. She gave birth to Nick’s second son and third child, Golden Sagon Cannon, in February 2017.

“Weeping may endure for a night, but Joy cometh in the morning! No matter how hard the world may hit you, God always reminds us of our purpose! #TrueHappiness,” Cannon wrote on Instagram in 2017 to announce Golden’s birth. “Welcome to Earth Son!”

For Golden’s fifth birthday in 2022, his parents threw him a Wakanda-themed party from “Black Panther.”

Powerful Queen Cannon
Mother: Brittany Bell

Nick Cannon and Brittany Bell welcomed their second child, daughter Powerful Queen Cannon on December 23, 2020.

“All I can say is that Nick was my rock through the most intense yet empowering natural water birth. It was nothing but POWERFUL ♥️♥️♥️♥️ Merry Christmas!!!! THANK YOU GOD ♥️,” Bell wrote on Instagram.

Cannon is very much involved in his kids lives and Bell once described him as ‘the best dad’ while celebrating him on Father’s day.

Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir Cannon
Mother: Abby De La Rosa

Abby De La Rosa is a DJ and radio personality. She gave birth to twin boys, Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir Cannon, in June 2021. For the twins’ first birthday, Cannon and Abby celebrated it at Disneyland where he experienced an unfortunate mishap.

“I was told on my 1st birthday I got so excited that I peed all over my birthday cake and I guess the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree because soon as Zion saw Mickey Mouse he just let loose all over me. It’s actually happening in this photo!! Piss everywhere! LOL,” Cannon captioned a shot of the family of four, featuring a wet stain on his shirt.

Zen S. Cannon
Mother: Alyssa Scott

Alyssa Scott is a model and actress. She gave birth to Nick’s son, Zen S. Cannon, in June 2021, just nine days after the birth of the twins.

Nearly three months later, Zen was diagnosed with high-grade glioma, a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer. Baby Zen died of brain cancer in December 2021.

“We had a short time with a true angel,” Cannon told PEOPLE of his 5 month-old son’s death. “My heart is shattered. I wish I could have done more, spent more time with him, taken more pictures. I wish I could have hugged him longer.”

To mark the first anniversary of Zen’s death, Cannon expressed disbelief in what he described as “the toughest day of my life.”

“Losing a child has to be the heaviest, most dark and depressive experiences that I will never get over. A mixture of guilt, pain, and sorrow is what I suppress daily,” he added.

Legendary Love Cannon
Mother: Bre Tiesi

Model Bre Tiesi and Nick Cannon dated “on-and-off for years” before she gave birth to the Drumline star’s eighth child in July 2022.

“This was the most humbling / limit pushing yet awakening and completely empowering experience,” wrote Tiesi on Instagram. “I can’t thank my team enough for delivering my son safely. This experience has changed me forever and I couldn’t of asked for a more amazing and supportive partner. Daddy showed the f up for us.. I couldn’t of done it without you. 💙 I can’t believe he’s here 🤗.”

Onyx Ice Cole Cannon
Mother: LaNisha Cole

Model and photographer LaNisha Cole is the mother of Nick Cannon’s ninth child, Onyx Ice Cole Cannon who was born September 9, 2022.

“I promise to love this little girl with all my heart, regardless what anyone says … I’ve given up on attempting to define myself for the world or society but instead I’m doing the work to heal and grow into the infinite Being God ordained me to be,” Cannon shared on Instagram. “Hopefully I can teach Onyx the same.”

In a 2022 Instagram post, LaNisha explained how co-parenting with Cannon is a breeze.

“Coparenting is a breeze when you see eye to eye,” Cole wrote on her Instagram story in December 2022. “It’s all about this little one, our Onyx. Nick was playing ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ by Stevie Wonder in the delivery room to welcome Onyx into the world. My heart smiles every time I hear this song. It will forever be special. It’s her song. Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Rise Messiah Cannon
Mother: Brittany Bell

Nick Cannon and Brittany Bell welcomed their third child together, Rise Messiah Cannon in September. The two are also parents to Golden Sagon and Powerful Queen.

“Another Blessing!!! As my journey on this planet becomes more and more remarkable and unfathomable, all I can do is thank God and continue to ask the Most High to order my steps,” Cannon wrote on Instagram. “He has given me stewardship and dominion over a family dynamic that to some is unimaginable.”

The proud dad continued, “But more importantly he has blessed me with loving individuals to guide me with care through this purposeful life.” He also celebrated Bell for being “the rock and foundation of my Fatherhood journey.”

Beautiful Zeppelin Cannon
Mother: Abby De La Rosa

Nick Cannon and De La Rosa announced the birth of their third child, Beautiful Zeppelin on Saturday, November 12 with a warm family photo of Abby holding the new born. In the Instagram caption, Cannon spoke glowingly about the mother of his eleventh child. “I am forever indebted to your tireless work of constant dedication, diligent effort and selfless love that you give to our children and myself. Beautiful is privileged to have such a loving and spiritually inclined mother.”

De La Rosa also posted a tribute to Cannon. “You already have your Dad wrapped around your finger, it’s been the sweetest thing … He works so hard and will go above and beyond to make sure you know you are loved. We love you more then you’ll ever know,” she said

Halo Marie Cannon
Mother: Alyssa Scott

On Dec. 29, model Alyssa Scott announced that she and Cannon welcomed their second child, a baby girl named Halo Marie Cannon.

“December 14 2022. Our lives are forever changed ❤️,” Scott wrote in the announcement post. “I will remember the sound of Nicks voice saying ‘it’s a girl’ and the look of everything we’ve been through flash across his face. I will remember the sound of her crying out with her first breath and feeling her heartbeat against mine. My sweet girl, I got my surprise!! We love you Halo Marie Cannon! 🤍

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