Snoop Dogg & GaryVee Share Animated Video For “Please Take A Step Back”

Snoop Dogg and GaryVee share the animated music video for their collaborative single “Please Take A Step Back.”

The psychedelic video directed by VeeFriends brings Snoop’s lyrics to life in vivid color, underlining the song’s inspirational message about cherishing our time on Earth. As the two entrepreneurs cruise the cosmos in a custom coupe, they transform into Bored Apes and Black Cats, and encounter a host of other characters on the way.

Characters from the video inspired the design of Snoop Dogg and GaryVee’s “Please Take A Step Back” NFT, exclusively available to attendees of VeeCon 2022, which minted last week. Holders of the “Please Take A Step Back” NFT will each earn a one-of-one profile pic inspired by the music video’s design.

Every generated “Please Take A Step Back” token will unlock the ability to participate in new Burn Island: Trivia competitions, where “Please Take a Step Back” NFT holders can test their knowledge of VeeFriends and Snoop Dogg for a chance to win NFTs including Bored Ape Yacht Club #1452, GaryVee’s own prized token, with an estimated value of 80 ETH.


“The idea of taking a step back has been something that’s been woven through my content for 15 years,” says GaryVee. “Every time I say ‘patience’ in my content, that’s saying take a step back. Every time I’m saying ‘be empathetic and care about the other person’, every time I’m saying ‘be self aware, know yourself.’ What I’m really saying to people is take a step back, take a breath, take a beat, and figure out who the f*ck you are.”

Fans who hold the “Please Take A Step Back” NFT will also be eligible for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to join GaryVee and Snoop Dogg at the Atlanta stop of The High School Reunion Tour with Wiz Khalifa on August 9th. 10 winners will enjoy the ultimate insider’s experience, enjoying an intimate pre-show gathering with Gary, riding together to the concert in style, and experiencing the show with front-row seats and backstage access.

Read more details about the “Please Take A Step Back” NFT HERE.

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