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Soulja Boy’s “Soulja Season” Projected To Sell 500 Copies

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Well damn! Soulja Boy could be the first mainstream male rapper to sell less than 1000 copies of their album. 

According to early projections, the ‘Crank Dat’ rapper’s new album “Soulja Season” is projected to move 500 units in its first week of release. If the figures are actualized, Soulja would join the Mount Rushmore of artists with catastrophic opening week sales. This list already includes Tyga’s The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty with 2,200, Troy Ave’s Major Without a Deal with 4,300, Saweetie’s The Single Life EP with 2000 and Lil Kim’s 9 album, which reportedly sold less than 1K units. 

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Soulja Boy braggingly released “Soulja Season” on Friday (May 12). Ahead of the album’s drop, Big Draco called out longtime rivals NBA YoungBoy and Lil Durk for deciding to release their new albums — Richest Opp and Almost Healed, respectively — on the same day.

“Lil Durk, you scary as fuck. If you gon’ fight YoungBoy, gon’ fight him, n-gga,” SB said Tuesday (May 9) on Instagram Live. “F-ck wrong with you, boy? I know you seen me announce my album, n-gga … And the next day you gon’ hop on here talking ’bout you ‘Almost Healed.’ Man, you almost lame, n-gga.”

The comical rapper also challenged YoungBoy and Durk to a streaming war, declaring to outdo both their combined first week numbers.

“I’m finna outsell Lil Durk and YoungBoy at the same time. Add Lil Durk’s album sales and add YB album sales, add them together,” he said. “This my date, n-gga, May 12th. Y’all only tryna drop ’cause y’all seen me drop, n-gga.

“Y’all n-ggas scary as fuck. Not finna get in the ring, not finna go behind the wall, not finna scrap, not finna do nothing. Come on with all that back-and-forth shit. Y’all do that shit for clout. Cut it out, boy … After this, I don’t wanna see no more n-ggas dropping on the same date as me, on God.”

Although Lil Durk ended up pushing back his album in an attempt to avoid confrontations, YoungBoy went ahead with his release. Not sure Soulja has seen the early projections, but Richest Opp is expected to move 58k units in its first week. 

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This is a massive L for Soulja Boy, but what was he expecting? The 32-year-old has never been prolific when it comes to numbers. His last album to dent the chart was The DeAndre Way back in 2010. Even his Soulja Boy Game console flopped. 

Soulja Boy is yet to react to the rumors of his abysmal album sales. You can help get the numbers up and stream the album below.

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