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7 Songs That Capture the Fusion of Hip Hop and Relationships

Some of the Best Hip-Hop Hookup Songs

The Best Rap Songs About Money to Listen to While You Hustle

These songs showcases the complex relationship between hip hop and wealth.

5 Hip Hop Songs About Love To Enjoy With Your Partner

From the iconic collaboration of Jay-Z and Beyoncé in "Bonnie & Clyde" to SZA's soulful track "Love Galore," these songs capture the essence of love's complexities.

Kendrick Lamar And Baby Keem Collaborations, Ranked

Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar collaborations, ranked from worst to best.

Top 5 Earl Sweatshirt And Vince Staples Collaborations 

‘From Burgundy, to Wool’ we explore the top 5 Vince Staples and Earl Sweatshirt collabs

Rihanna’s Biggest Songs And Features, Ranked

Rihanna best songs and collaborations, ranked

Kendrick Lamar Best Guest Verses

From “Control” to “Like That” these are the best Kendrick Lamar guest verses of all time

Exploring the Top 20 Hip-Hop Artists of 2022: Who’s the Best Rapper of the Year?

In this blog post, we will explore the top 20 hip-hop artists of 2022 and see who is the best rapper of the year.

J. Cole’s 25 Hardest Guest Verses Of All Time

The best J. Cole guest verses of all time.

50 Cent’s First Week Album Sales, Ranked

Ranking 50 Cent’s albums in order of first week sales.
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Lupe Fiasco Says Drake Is A Better Rapper Than Kendrick Lamar 

Lupe also believes Kendrick Lamar is not a top tier lyricist
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