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The Sickest Drama Opens Up About Father’s Death In New Song ‘September 2nd’

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Jamaican born rapper The Sickest Drama has addressed the death of his father, and how it changed his outlook on life. He also spoke about how Capone-N-Noreaga’s Invincible inspired the record.

The Sickest Drama pulled inspiration for his newest release from the death of his father, who died September 2, 2022 after a prolonged battle with Alzheimer’s. The Council Of The Gods MC opened up to us about how the death affected him, and why he decided to record the song. 

“I really tried to create a portrait of him. Taking stock of his life, forces me to take stock of my own. He was a complicated and very authoritative man, And there was stuff he held close to the best that I only learnt of after he died,” he said.

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“And me writing this song was a piece of reconciliation with everything. He was dealing with althziemers in the last 7 years of his life. And when you see someone slipping away from their own memories, I tied these stories together to hold his personality in place,” he continued. “So I take a snapshot of different eras and interactions we had when I was a small child, when I was a teenager and now as an adult and a father myself.

“it’s a look in the mirror moment for me to step into the vacuum he has left as now the primacy patriarch of my family. And through this track I also wrestle with what that means.”

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While processing his grief, The rapper, who welcomed his baby girl during the pandemic wrote and recorded September 2nd, which he says was inspired by NORE’s verse on CNNs Invincible, where he raps, “I can’t believe I fucked up and made a half-ass album/My excuse is, my pops just died And I ain’t wanna make music, my pops just died.”

“That line ever since my pops passed Was ringing out in my head,” said TSD.

He continued, “And I asked myself, do I wanna make music?? And the answer was shockingly yes. I took that type of pain that I had heard NORE speak and it was my jump off point, It was a sense of grieving… So having always loved that record. And now feeling closer to it, experiencing this raw emotion, it kept me thethered to the idea that, there’s a hiphop way for me to grieve and find an outlet, and that’s what this was for me.”

During my conversation with the rapper, he revealed to me that his long awaited album ‘Luxury Tax’ “is done and ready for release this year.” He however, expressed his disappointment that is pops won’t be around to hear it.

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“Sometimes we out here making plans and then real life happens and I’ll be honest because I’ve been so much tinkering on perfection, my pops never got to hear this album.

“That sense haunts me,” he added. 

Listen to September 2nd below. 

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