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Tony Yayo Reveals Clash Of “Egos” was The Real Reason The Game Left G-Unit

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Tony Yayo is shedding more light on the real reason behind The Game‘s fallout with 50 Cent. In his recent interview with VladTV, posted on Wednesday (Jan. 17), the “So Seductive” rapper alleged that money and clash of egos were the primary factors. 

“The situation is money and egos,” Yayo explained. “N***** was making money.” 

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Reflecting on his own mindset post-jail, he explained, “Even I had an ego. I thought I was unstoppable… I thought I was better than everybody…. It was just money and ego. I had money, I just got out of jail, I’m f****** eating.”

He continued, “50 made me rich and I ain’t even dropped an album yet. [Lloyd] Banks got all these rings and sh*t on his fingers, come to see me in jail. So, I’m like, ‘damn n**** we made it,’ I never thought we was gon’ make it.”

In a separate clip from the same interview, Yayo acknowledged The Game’s desire for independence but emphasized that the Compton rapper isn’t in the same league as 50 Cent. 

“A man don’t ever wanna feel like he’s under somebody, cool. That’s how certain men feel. [Because] when he did the interview with [Vlad] he was like ‘I respect Yayo for his [loyalty], I’m just not like that, I wanna be bigger, but you’re not bigger than 50,” Yayo stated. 

“You’re not bigger than 50, you’re not bigger than Eminem. You dropped a 20-minute Eminem [diss] record and nobody really paid attention to it.”

Yayo went on to confirm that 50 Cent wrote most of the songs on The Game’s debut album, “The Documentary,” revealing that he personally heard six tracks from the album featuring only 50 Cent before The Game’s involvement.

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“When I was in Battery Park and I came home, and this is word to anything I love. 50 played me six records that was on The Documentary [album] with just him, no Game. So Fif gave him six hits.”

“All I’m telling you is when I got out of jail, I heard them songs ‘This Is How We Do,’ I heard all that sh*t, and 50 said I’m giving this sh*t to Game.”

Watch the full interview below.

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