Yung Mal Returns With ”Right Back Out”

Delivering flex-heavy rhymes in his signature tumbling triplet flow, Yung Mal has the respect of the streets and the stars. Coming through with his first new single of 2022, Mal shares “Right Back Out.”

The song finds the Atlanta native in fine form, delivering a torrent of tough talk over producer Krazy Mob’s tornado of swirling synths and triumphant trap horns. Continuing in the path he forged with last year’s 1.5 Way Or No Way mixtape, rapping about putting his neighborhood on his back and his determination to succeed by any means necessary: “Go get the cash, racks/When you take a loss, you go get that sht back/Every boss in this sht took a loss, that’s a fact/They gon’ pray you fall off, they gon’ hate, that’s a fact.”

The new banger arrives with a video, directed by Spudds McKenzie, that finds the young rapper rocking orange Nikes and gold-rimmed spectacles as he writes in his journal and speaks with his therapist about the trials and tribulations he’s been through.

Last year, Mal took the step from young gun to budding leader with his 1.5 Way Or No Way mixtape. Named after the neighborhood in which he grew up, and for a phrase that was a favorite of his late homie Plug, 1.5 Way Or No Way is a mature and versatile effort. Mal’s rhymes are more polished and precise, reflecting the perspective of a father of a young son and daughter and a neighborhood leader who bears the hopes and dreams of his friends on his back

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