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YFN Lucci Faces Less Than 4 Months in Jail After Racketeering Plea Deal

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Paras Griffin/Getty Images 

YFN Lucci is set to spend less than 4 months behind bars after pleading guilty to violating the Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act in his Fulton County racketeering case. 

The 32-year-old rapper, born Rayshawn Bennett, was among a dozen suspects indicted in a 105-count racketeering case involving members of the Bloods gang.

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According to WSB-TV, Lucci pleaded guilty to one count of violation of the Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act and was initially facing multiple felony charges including murder, which carried a maximum sentence of life without parole. 

However, as part of his negotiated plea deal, Lucci will serve just three and a half months of his sentence behind bars and the remaining sentence on probation. Despite being initially sentenced to 10 years, Lucci, having already served three years since his custody on Jan. 12, 2021, is eligible for parole after serving a third of his term.

In addition to his reduced sentence, the state has also agreed to write a letter to the pardon and parole board saying they will not object to his early release, as reported by WSB-TV’s Michael Seiden.

Prior to receiving his sentence, the rapper apologized to the murder victim’s family, as well as his own family and the court.

Lucci was initially arrested over a December 2020 shooting in Atlanta that killed a 28-year-old man and injured another man. Prosecutors told the judge during the trial that he was the driver and didn’t fire the deadly shots.

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