50 Cent Questions Why Fans Aren’t Throwing Bras At Him Like They Do For Drake

Both 50 Cent and Drake are currently in the midst of their respective tours: 50 Cent on his Final Lap Tour and Drake on his It’s All A Blur tour. Both tours have undeniably been met with resounding success, with both artists managing to sell out large venues. However, it seems that 50 Cent is experiencing a bit of good-natured envy towards Drake’s reception and has jokingly instructed his staff to give him the “Certified Lover Boy” treatment.

On Tuesday night (August 22) the G-Unit founder shared a video from behind the scenes of his tour. In the clip, he playfully engages with his staff, expressing mock frustration about not receiving the same treatment as the Canadian rap sensation. He lightheartedly complains that his fans aren’t hurling their bras at him in the same way they do for Drake.

“They don’t treat Drake like this,” 50 began. He humorously contrasts the situations: while fans shower Drake with bras, he finds himself yearning for a similar display of affection. He amusingly instructs a staff member, “Please go get me some Drake fans,” before jesting about his desire to feel special, “Sh*t just don’t feel right, I need to feel special around here. I need them to treat me like I’m Drake.”

Continuing in jest, he points out, “Drake gets bras every night, I used to get bras in the beginning of my career.”


In the caption he wrote, “there’s too many [ninja emoji] on this tour sh*t, treat me like I’m Drake [shrug emoji] I want to see tetas too.”

Drake has been collecting bras from fans since kickstarting his tour with 21 Savage in July. An audience member Veronica Correia – made headlines last month When she received a lucrative offer from Playboy after tossing her massive bra at the rapper onstage during his show in Brooklyn, New York. Upon coming across the piece of clothing, Drake picked it up, checked the tag, and exclaimed: “Damn. 36G? Locate this woman immediately.” Shortly after, Correia was confirmed to have been contacted by Playboy to appear on their online platform. 

Playboy’s official Instagram account shared a snap of Correia as a Playboy model on Instagram, announcing her arrival as a model. The post was accompanied with a link that said: ‘Say hi to Veronica’ with a red chili emojji.  

IMG 4997

While chatting with TMZ, Veronica, a Portuguese mother-of-one, revealed that her act of tossing the bra was unplanned but ended up being an empowering moment. 

“But then, I was having a little fun and he came past me to walk to the DJ booth. He was singing right in front of me, and I was like, “You know what. I’m gonna do it”,’ she explained. He passed right by me and I just knew he was gonna pick it up because I threw it right by his feet. There was no way he was gonna walk by it.”

She said she “lost her mind” when Drake “reacted the way he did” – and that it felt like a “full circle’ moment for her after suffering from “serious back and shoulder pain” for years. 

The Rhode Island-native said that after she posted about it on her Instagram Stories and it went viral, Drake somehow found her account and reacted to her Stories by replying with a laughing emoji. 

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