Drake Seems Ready to End Beef with Kendrick Lamar: “I Don’t Wanna Diss You Anymore” 

Looks like Drake might be ready to bury the hatchet with Kendrick Lamar.

In his latest diss track, “The Heart Part 6,” the Toronto rapper hints at wanting to move on from the feud.  “I don’t wanna diss you anymore, this really got me second-guessing,” he raps. The track ends with a spoken outro where he admits, “I’m not gonna lie, this shit was some good exercise. It’s good to get out, get the pen working.”

Released Sunday evening (May 5th), “The Heart Part 6” also sees Drake address the accusations of underage relationships Lamar threw his way in previous tracks.  “If I was f*cking young girls, I promise I’da been done arrested. I’m way too famous for the shit you just suggested.” 

One of the more interesting claims Drake makes is that he “finessed” Lamar by having someone in his camp feed him false information about a hidden daughter, something that Lamar raps about on “Meet the Grahams” that dropped on Friday night. 


“We plotted for a week and then we fed you the information/ A daughter that’s 11 years old, I bet he takes it/ We thought about giving a fake name or a destination/ But you so thirsty, you not concerned with investigation,” Drake raps.

“The Heart Part 6” is Drake’s fourth diss track in this ongoing feud with Lamar.  Previously, he released “Push Ups (Drop & Give Me 50),” “Taylor Made Freestyle,” and “Family Matters.”  Kendrick, on the other hand, has fired back with “euphoria,” “6:16 in LA,” “Meet the Grahams,” and “Not Like Us.

Drake is expecting Lamar to respond shortly, writing on social media: “And we know you’re dropping 6 mins after so instead of posting my address, you have a lot to address.”

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