Beyoncé’s Mom Defends Daughter Against Skin-Lightening Accusations

Beyoncé‘s mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson, has vehemently defended her daughter against accusations of skin lightening following the premiere of her concert film “Renaissance” over the weekend.

Beyoncé attended the premiere at the Samuel Goldwyn Theatre in Beverly Hills, California, sporting a Versace gown and platinum blonde hair. While many praised her look, others criticized it, suggesting that she was trying to emulate Kim Kardashian or even appear white.

Tina Knowles-Lawson took to Instagram to address these comments, calling out the “bozos” responsible for spreading such “stupid ignorant self-hating racist statements.” She explained that Beyoncé’s look was part of the “Renaissance” theme, which featured silver attire and platinum hair.

“How sad is it that some of her own people continue the stupid narrative with hate and jealousy,” Knowles-Lawson wrote. “Duh, she wore silver hair to match her silver dress as a fashion statement. ALIEN Superstar duh!”


She criticized a white woman who contacted Beyoncé’s hairstylist to inquire about the skin-lightening rumors, calling her actions “entitled” and dismissing her opinion on Beyoncé’s blackness.

Knowles-Lawson praised her daughter’s work ethic, talent, and resilience, highlighting her contributions to uplifting Black women and underdogs. She expressed frustration with those who perpetuate negativity and jealousy instead of celebrating Beyoncé’s accomplishments.

“I am sick of you losers,” she stated. “I know that she is going to be pissed at me for doing this, but I am fed up! This girl minds her own business. She helps people whenever she can. She lifts up & promotes black women and underdogs at all times.”

While some fans were confused by Beyoncé’s platinum blonde look, the film “Renaissance” is projected to make a significant impact at the box office.

According to a report from Deadline on Tuesday (November 28), Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé is currently looking at a global opening of between $30 million to $40 million. The movie hits theaters on Thursday (November 30) at 7pm local time and will have a weekend run in theaters before it hits VOD on December 13.

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