Blueface Accuses Baby Mamas Chrisean Rock and Jaidyn Alexis of Trashing His Home

Los Angeles, CA – Rapper Blueface is embroiled in another public feud with his baby mamas, Chrisean Rock and Jaidyn Alexis. In a series of Instagram Live videos, the “Thotiana” rapper accused Rock and Alexis of “joining forces” to trash his home.

On Monday, December 4th, Blue took to Instagram Live to show off the damage to his home. He claimed that Rock and Alexis had trashed the place while he was away. In the videos, Blueface can be seen walking through the house, assessing the damage as the women mock him off-camera.

“Look at what they did to my house,” he said, showing belongings tossed around the living room and kitchen. “Look at this s***.”

Check out the video below.


The incident reportedly stems from a disagreement between Blueface and Rock regarding their son’s care. Over the weekend, Blueface accused Rock of abandoning their baby son in the middle of the night.

“It’s crazy, my son ain’t got no parent at four in the morning,” Blueface said, collecting his son from Rock’s best friend, Marsh. 

However, Rock countered with her own claims, stating that she had left the baby with her friend while she was at the studio. Rock also accused Blueface of beating up her friend, Marsh, who was babysitting the baby at the time. She claims the altercation left Marsh with visible injuries.

“So long story short, I’m at the studio. Don’t matter who I was with, it could be K Suave or it could be f**king Trippie, I’m at the studio and I’m trying to lay this record…my [Baby Daddy] is calling me… I’m like what is he calling for and I don’t answer. I finally pick the f**k up. This n**ga is with Marsh,” Rock said.  

“I’m like ‘Marsh what’s up’ and she’s like ‘You at the studio, right?’ and I’m like ‘Yeah what’s up’. She’s like ‘Blueface just tried to take the baby. So, I’m like on my way,” Rock continued.

Chrisean claimed that Blueface arrived at the house before she could and that Marsh refused to leave the baby’s side.

Rock also accused Blueface of taking the baby without her consent, despite not being opposed to him seeing their child.

“I don’t want no problem. I don’t know why this n***a came and kidnap my baby from my house. Like I’m not keeping you from your child. I’m not none of that.”

A few hours later, Chrisean Rock and Jaidyn Alexis teamed up and went live from a gas station. Rock repeated her claims about Blueface beating up Marsh and also accused him of getting into an accident with their son in the vehicle.    

“It don’t matter who I was with,” Rock stated. “So, then I’m like, ‘he got the baby?’ He got in a car accident with the baby. It’s just some weird s*** going on.” 

In response to Rock’s allegations, Blueface demanded that she come off of Instagram Live and come get their son, but she refused. Rock stated that she and Alexis were too intoxicated to drive with a baby.
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