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Blueface’s Mom Slams Chrisean Rock Over New Face Tattoo: ‘She Has Mental Issues’

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Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, strongly disapproves of Chrisean Rock moving back into her son’s house. As previously reported, Rock revealed that she has returned to Blueface’s house despite previously claiming the 27-year-old rapper hit her and their son. 

When asked whether or not the decision gets her stamp of approval, Karlissa responded with a resounding “Hell motherf***ing no!” 

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“It’s a hell no then, it’s a hell no now,” she added. According to Karlissa, who was speaking with TMZ outside L.A.’s Men’s Central Jail on Wednesday, where she unsuccessfully attempted to see Blueface, says Chrisean has mental issues and that her son shouldn’t bear the burden of unpacking her emotional baggage.

“I would love for her to find somebody else’s child to play with. I would love for her to go find another man, another somebody. My son is not mentally capable to help her unpack all of that baggage. She has a lot going on and I feel like it’s too much for him. It’s too much for me.”

The Baddies reality star also recently got her face tatted with a massive mugshot of Blueface, shocking fans and critics who were rooting for her after she reportedly broke up with him. Karlissa describes Chrisean’s tattoo as “absolutely f***ng crazy” and believes it’s a manipulative move to make her son feel obligated to deal with her upon his release from jail. 

Chrisean Rock Blueface tattoo

“I don’t want her to feel like my son owes her like he did for the other seven tattoos. When he comes home and wants to get his mind right and position himself to not have to deal with all this anymore.”

“She does all these antics to make him feel guilty and to make him feel obligated to have him to deal with her because no one else will.”

Karlissa also hopes the tattoo is fake, but Rock has already debunked those claims. “Let’s really get into the nitty-gritty though it’s not fake,” she said on Instagram Live. “I just got it professionally done at a place where they do like some really good sh*t.”

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The Tattoo Shop in West Hollywood, where Chrisean got the ink, confirmed to TMZ that the tattoo is very real.

Amid criticism of her decision to move back in with Blueface, Rock asserts that this marks the last time she will reconcile with her on-again, off-again boyfriend.

“I already told him if that shit ain’t only mine when you get home, I’m cutting it off and feeding it to his dog Batman,” Chrisean said. “And then I’m dipping and I’m never looking back. You got one more last chance with me and I got one more last chance with him. So that’s that. Everybody else that keep popping it and popping in with all that negativity, take it somewhere else.”

Explaining her decision to give their relationship another try, Rock said, “Me and Blue, we’re gonna give it another try,” she said defiantly. “We realized we’re not our happiest with anybody else so all that sh*t he was doing was fake for some money. Me, I was just drunk. So, you know, back with my [baby daddy].”

Watch Blueface’s mom’s reaction to Chrisean Rock’s tattoo below.

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