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Grandson of Robert De Niro Succumbs to Counterfeit Pills Laced with Fentanyl

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According to law enforcement authorities, it has been revealed that Robert De Niro’s grandson, Leandro tragically consumed counterfeit oxycodone pills containing fentanyl. Shockingly, the alleged dealer, Sophia Marks, was aware of the lethal potential of these pills but still chose to sell them.

Legal documents obtained by TMZ indicate that investigators discovered multiple pills at the scene where 19-year-old Leandro De Niro lost his life. Upon examining the teenager’s phone, they found text messages exchanged between him and a 20-year-old woman named Sophia Marks. These messages pertained to his intent to purchase fake oxycodone and Xanax just days before his untimely death.

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What’s particularly disturbing is that during one of their exchanges, Marks inquired, “do you really need them? I don’t wanna kill you.” She went on to express her reluctance in providing him with these substances since they were not obtained through a legitimate prescription.

Eventually, they reached an agreement for De Niro to purchase three counterfeit oxycodone pills and two Xanax tablets for $105. Marks allegedly cautioned him, specifically referring to the oxycodone, “don’t go overboard with these.”

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The drugs were delivered to De Niro by car around 9 PM on July 1st. At 1:50 AM on July 2nd, Marks texted him, asking if he was alright, but he never responded.

Tragically, De Niro was discovered dead on July 2nd, presumably due to an overdose. Investigators found a bag of cocaine, a straw with residue, two blue pills marked with “M” and “30” (representing the oxycodone), and seven rectangular tablets, believed to be Xanax.

Shockingly, despite De Niro’s death, Marks allegedly continued selling these dangerous substances. On July 9th, she sold 25 pills to an undercover agent for $500. Reportedly, she cautioned the agent, saying, “please be careful with these. don’t do more than one at a time. my friend just died.”

Further analysis conducted by investigators confirmed the presence of fentanyl in both the pills discovered at the scene where De Niro passed away and those sold to the undercover agent.

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Marks has been charged with one count of distributing and possessing fentanyl and alprazolam (Xanax) with the intent to distribute, carrying a maximum prison sentence of 20 years. Additionally, she faces two counts of distributing and possessing fentanyl with the intent to distribute, each of which carries a maximum prison sentence of 20 years

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