Drake Responds to Kendrick Lamar’s Diss Tracks with “Family Matters”

In a swift response to Kendrick Lamar’s recent diss tracks “Euphoria” and “6:16 in LA,” Drake has fired back with his own scathing response titled “Family Matters.” The track, which dropped on Friday (May 3) is a direct rebuttal to Lamar’s criticisms and takes aim at his personal life and career.

The track opens with a defiant Drake singing, “I was really, really tryna keep it PG,” before launching into a verbal assault.  He questions Lamar’s authenticity, accuses him of domestic violence, and even throws shade at Lamar’s family life, suggesting one of his children might not be his.

“Your baby mama captions always screamin, ‘save me’/You did her dirty all her life, you tryna make peace/I heard that one of them little kids might be Dave Free.”

The third verse directly addresses the barbs thrown in “Euphoria.” Drake denies Lamar’s accusations of a cease and desist letter and throws back his own claims, suggesting Lamar pressured Tupac’s estate to takedown “Taylor Made Freestyle”


The release of “Family Matters” was accompanied by a seven-minute music video that features Drake addressing the accusations head-on. In the music video, Drake is seen spending time with his son, which serves as a visual counter-narrative to Lamar’s claims.

Drake doesn’t limit his criticism to Lamar; he also throws shots at other artists like The Weeknd, Rick Ross, and A$AP Rocky.

The feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar has been escalating, with both artists releasing multiple diss tracks. Drake’s “Family Matters” follows his previous tracks “Push Ups” and “Taylor Made Freestyle,” which also targeted Lamar.

Listen to Family Matters below.

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