Nicki Minaj Moved to Tears by J. Cole’s Verse on “Let Me Calm Down”

In a touching display of vulnerability, Nicki Minaj revealed a deeply emotional response to J. Cole‘s verse on their collaborative song “Let Me Calm Down” from her new album “Pink Friday 2.” Following a two-hour conversation with the Dreamville rapper, Minaj shared on Twitter (now X) that hearing his verse brought her to tears.

“This man J. Cole had a 2 hour talk with me. 2. Two!!!!” she wrote. “Didn’t realize I was sitting on a therapist couch but ummm 2 days later I heard this verse & couldn’t stop crying. The end.”

Minaj’s praise didn’t end there. She highlighted Cole’s ability to “empower” those around him, praising him as a true “King” among artists.

“In a world where we know EXACTLY how & WHEN to tear each other apart, there are still Kings & Queens who know how to put ppl back together,” she wrote. “Patch them up. Heal them. Empower them. Understand them. Listen to them. Make them do the most beautiful thing a human being can do. Smile.”


“Let Me Calm Down” marks the first collaboration between Minaj and Cole. The song explores the complexities of relationships, with Minaj rapping about the need for space during stressful times and the challenge of communicating effectively.

Meanwhile, Cole’s verse exhibits a mature perspective on relationships, contrasting with his earlier work like “No Role Modelz.” He delves into the challenge of maintaining unwavering support and facing the negativity of others who seek to break couples apart.

Listen to the collaboration below.

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