The Game Criticizes J. Cole for Apologizing to Kendrick Lamar: “Turned This Sh*t into Kool-Aid”

The Game, who’s no stranger to rap beefs, including a long-standing rivalry with 50 Cent, recently weighed in on the ongoing rap feuds in the industry.

On Wednesday night (May 1), the Los Angeles native shared a screenshot of Ice, co-host of the Joe Budden Podcast, giving him props for his track record when it comes to diss tracks.

“I want one of these rap n***as to diss Game. Just so y’all can see what a proper diss record sounds like,” Ice wrote on X (formerly twitter).

Game responded by sharing the post and adding, “Cause my level of disrespect has no limit & I can actually rap rap. Fans gone choose up with whatever artist is currently safe for the culture to love as a whole but every real rap n***a in this sh*t KNOW who to play with & who not to.”


He then criticized J. Cole’s apology to Kendrick Lamar, suggesting it weakened hip-hop. Game feels Cole’s apology watered down the feud and made it inauthentic.

“Hip hop/Rap or whatever yall calling it these days was already watered down, then Cole apologized and turned this s**t into Kool-Aid wit no sugar.- Chuck Taylor.”

J. Cole previously dissed Lamar on “7 Minute Drill” but later took it down, calling it “the lamest shit I ever did.” He also admitted that he felt pressured to publicly respond to Lamar after the Pulitzer winner dissed both him and Drake on “Like That.”

“I was conflicted because, one I know my heart and I know how I feel about my peers, these two n—s that I just been blessed to even stand beside in this game, let alone chase they greatness. So I felt conflicted ’cause I’m like, bruh I don’t even feel no way. But the world wanna see blood. I don’t know if y’all can feel that, but the world wanna see blood.”

While Cole apologized, Drake retaliated with two diss tracks: “Push Ups” and “Taylor Made Freestyle.” After two weeks of fan discussions, Lamar fired back on Tuesday (April 30) with “Euphoria.”

See The Game’s post below.

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