Fans in a Frenzy as J. Cole Appears on Future & Metro Boomin’s “We Still Don’t Trust You”  

Drake fans are up in arms after J. Cole‘s surprise appearance on Future & Metro Boomin’s latest project, “We Still Don’t Trust You.”

The sequel to their joint album dropped on Friday (April 12) reigniting the drama sparked by the first installment, “We Don’t Trust You.” In that project, Kendrick Lamar took aim at Drake and Cole’s self-proclaimed “Big 3” status on the now-number one song “Like That,” rapping, “Motherf*** the big three, n***a, it’s just big me.”  

Cole fired back at Kendrick on “7 Minute Drill,” only to later apologize to the dismay of hip hop fans worldwide. Now, his appearance on Future and Metro Boomin’s “Red Leather” has further complicated the situation. 

This is seen as a betrayal by some, especially considering Future speculatively dissed Drake on the first album’s title track. Cole’s lyrics on the track didn’t help matters: “My energy was never on some toughest n—-a sh*t/ I was just a conscious rapper who would f—k a n—-a b*tch blicks get to blasting / I turn into a track star.”


The release of “We Still Don’t Trust You” and “Red Leather” sent social media into a frenzy and it didn’t take long for fans to weigh in. 

“Drake gave J Cole his first number 1 hit record, brought him on tour, showed him love, and he still switched up on him. This is disgusting,” one user wrote on X.

As tensions escalate, rumors swirl about potential diss tracks from Drake and Kendrick Lamar, with rapper-turned-podcaster Joe Budden claiming both artists have prepared “nuclear” diss tracks. 

“Both sides went in the booth and came out. And what I’m hearing about both sides is that it’s nuclear. It’s up, up,” Budden stated on the latest episode of his podcast. 

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