Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill Responds to Criticisms of Her Tardiness: “You’re Lucky I Make It on This Stage Every Night”

Lauryn Hill Defends Her Tardiness at Concerts, Tells Fans to Be Grateful She Shows Up at All: “I'm Saving Souls and Y'all Complaining About My Lateness"

Ice Cube, Nas, Lil Wayne & More Perform At ‘Hip Hop 50’ Event 

Hip Hop 50 Celebrates 50 Years of the Genre with Star-Studded Concert at Yankee Stadium

Popular Rappers With Dreadlocks

Check out some popular rappers who are rocking or have rocked dreadlocks.
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Latest News

Taylor Swift Is Officially a Billionaire

Taylor Swift joins an exclusive group of musicians who have attained billionaire status solely through their concert and recording sales, solidifying her position as a music industry icon.
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