The Game Disses Rick Ross In New Song “Freeway’s Revenge”

Chelsea Lauren/WireImage/Getty Images

The Game has jumped into the rap beef frenzy unprovoked. After taking shots at Rick Ross on Instagram, the Compton rapper has unleashed a full diss track aimed at the MMG boss.

In his diss track titled “Freeway’s Revenge,” Game brings up Ross’ past as a correctional officer while accusing him of living a fake life. He raps, “You stole your name, I pulled your file, you looked at BIG and stole his style.”

The game and Rick Ross

He further alludes to Rick Ross being sick: “He poppin’ pills, they startin’ to fuck with his brain, seizures off the lean, Balenciagas shorts got the shit stains.”

Though it’s not entirely clear what Game’s gripe with Rick Ross is, it seems like he took issue with Ross constantly trolling Drake on Instagram. In a previous Instagram story, Game wrote, “It be the fat n***as wit the skinny legs always running they mouth.”


It’s yet to be seen whether Rick Ross will respond or acknowledge Game’s diss. You can listen to “Freeway’s Revenge” below.


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