Saturday, September 23, 2023
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50 Cent Bait: Drake Shows Off Massive Bra Collection 

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Instagram / @Champangnepapi

Drake is nearing the end of his run for the It’s All A Blur Tour. Throughout the run, throwing bras at the stage has become a fan tradition. Early Wednesday morning, the Certified Lover Boy took to Instagram to showcase the plethora of bras that have inundated his performances.

In a reflective caption, Drizzy humorously reminisced, saying, “Remember when we both forgot who the f—k I was in unison…that wavelength was def a foolish one.”

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Despite being a father to a 5-year-old son, the 36-year old currently finds himself unattached romantically. During a recent tour stop, he playfully made it clear to his female fans, saying, “I’m so glad I’m single on this tour because I just don’t have to feel guilty at all.” The crowd erupted in cheers as he continued, “Imagine if I was married or something, and girls were just hitting me in the face with, well, titties every night. How would I go home and explain that to everybody? I’m so glad I’m single and ready to mingle, by the way,” he added with a grin. 

Drake’s growing collection of bras might just reignite 50 Cent’s envy. Just last month, the G-Unit mogul playfully lamented the absence of bras being thrown at him during his performances at his Final Lap Tour. In a light-hearted Instagram video, the Power creator jokingly expressed, “Could you please go get me some Drake fans? S—t just don’t feel right. I need to feel special around here. I need them to treat me like I’m Drake. Drake gets bras every night. I used to get bras in the beginning of my career.”

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While Drake offered to provide Fif with some words of encouragement, it remains uncertain whether the New York rapper took him up on the offer.

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