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50 Cent Bait: Drake Shows Off Massive Bra Collection 

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Instagram / @Champangnepapi

Drake is nearing the end of his run for the It’s All A Blur Tour. Throughout the run, throwing bras at the stage has become a fan tradition. Early Wednesday morning, the Certified Lover Boy took to Instagram to showcase the plethora of bras that have inundated his performances.

In a reflective caption, Drizzy humorously reminisced, saying, “Remember when we both forgot who the f—k I was in unison…that wavelength was def a foolish one.”

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Despite being a father to a 5-year-old son, the 36-year old currently finds himself unattached romantically. During a recent tour stop, he playfully made it clear to his female fans, saying, “I’m so glad I’m single on this tour because I just don’t have to feel guilty at all.” The crowd erupted in cheers as he continued, “Imagine if I was married or something, and girls were just hitting me in the face with, well, titties every night. How would I go home and explain that to everybody? I’m so glad I’m single and ready to mingle, by the way,” he added with a grin. 

Drake’s growing collection of bras might just reignite 50 Cent’s envy. Just last month, the G-Unit mogul playfully lamented the absence of bras being thrown at him during his performances at his Final Lap Tour. In a light-hearted Instagram video, the Power creator jokingly expressed, “Could you please go get me some Drake fans? S—t just don’t feel right. I need to feel special around here. I need them to treat me like I’m Drake. Drake gets bras every night. I used to get bras in the beginning of my career.”

While Drake offered to provide Fif with some words of encouragement, it remains uncertain whether the New York rapper took him up on the offer.

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