Drake Offers 50 Cent Pep Talk After He Jokes About Fans Not Throwing Bras At Him 

After a recent lighthearted complaint by 50 Cent about fans not treating him like they do Drake, the Canadian superstar has offered his assistance to boost the G-Unit founder’s morale.

In a comical video posted on Instagram earlier this week, 50 Cent playfully chided his staff for not granting him the same level of adoration as Drake, particularly the absence of fans tossing bras at him. 

“Drake, they throw him bras. What do I get?” Fiddy humorously exclaimed. He even asked a staff member, “please go get me some Drake fans,” before adding, “I need them to treat me like I’m Drake.”


Drake quickly caught wind of the jest and responded in kind. He shared 50 Cent’s post on his Instagram Story, accompanied by crying-with-laughter emojis and a friendly offer, “Fif lemme pull up for a pep talk,” while tagging 50 Cent.

Drake and 50 cent
Instagram/ champagnepapi

Although the two rappers have yet to work on music together, the camaraderie between them has been evident in recent times. The G-Unit alum and Drizzy were spotted earlier this year partying at a Miami nightclub causing many to speculate that a wild night out on the town was the reason Drake canceled his headlining performance at Lolapalooza Brazil in São Paulo. 

Despite the public backlash that accompanied their night of fun, Drake paid homage to 50 Cent the following day by wearing a G-Unit tee with the Queens native’s face on it. The gesture came as no surprise, as 50 Cent’s influence on Drake’s style has been acknowledged by both artists. In his Rap Radar interview, Drake cited 50 Cent’s “21 Questions” as a source of inspiration for singing. 

50 Cent reciprocated the appreciation during a Variety interview, hailing Drake’s acknowledgment as “the coolest s### in the world.”

“Drake was saying recently that I had influenced him to start singing, which was the coolest shit in the world for him to say, because I can’t sing as good as he sings,” Fif said. “I was always just trying to outline the melody. Because once you have a broad enough audience, you’re gonna have people who don’t speak English, so all they can follow is the melody. […] And when you’re writing [lyrics], I mean: ‘Go shorty, it’s your birthday’—that’s not rocket science. Every day is somebody’s birthday.

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