Kendrick Lamar “Euphoria” Lyrics Explained

Kendrick Lamar has finally responded to Drake’s recent disses with a scathing new track titled “Euphoria,” where he directly addresses the Canadian rapper.

In the song, Kendrick criticizes Drake’s recent antics, rapping:

“Them super powers gettin’ neutralized, I can only watch in silence /The famous actor we once knew is lookin’ paranoid and now is spiraling /You movin’ just like a degenerate, heavy antic, it’s feelin’ distasteful /Why calculate you, not as calculated, I can even predict your angles.”

Kendrick also takes aim at Drake’s use of AI to replicate Tupac’s voice in the “Taylor Made Freestyle”:


“Somebody had told me that you got a ring, on God, I’m ready to double the wage /I rather do that, than let a comedian nigga make Pac turn in his grave.”

Acknowledging J. Cole’s brief involvement, Kendrick raps, “Yeah, Cole and Aubrey know I’m a selfish nigga / The crown is heavy.”

Further into the track, Kendrick expresses his disdain for Drake:

“It’s always been about love and hate, now let me say I’m the biggest hater /I hate the way that you walk, the way that you talk /I hate the way that you dress /
I hate the way you sneak diss, if I catch flight, it’s gon’ be direct /We hate the bitches you fuck, ’cause they confuse themselves with real women /And notice, I said ‘We,’ it’s not just me, I’m what the culture feelin’.”

Kendrick also questions Drake’s identity and use of the N-word:

“How many more black features ’til you finally feel that you black enough? /I like Drake with the melodies, I don’t like Drake when he act tough.”

Regarding Drake’s use of the N-word, Kendrick believes that Drake, who is biracial, shouldn’t use it:

“I even hate when you say the word ‘Nigga,’ but that’s just me, I guess /Some shit just cringeworthy, you ain’t even gotta be diva I guess.”

The track ends with Kendrick reiterating his stance that Drake should not use the N-word.

“We don’t wanna hear you say “Nigga” no more
We don’t wanna hear you say “Nigga” no more

Listen to “Euphoria” below

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