Drake One Hit Away from Tying Michael Jackson’s Record for Most No. 1 Hits by Male Soloist

Drake‘s latest single, “Slime You Out” featuring SZA, has claimed the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100, marking his 12th No. 1 song of his career. 

The song received an impressive 32.6 million streams, 5.2 million radio airplay impressions, and 2,000 downloads during the tracking week ending on September 21, according to reports from Luminate.

This achievement brings Drake just one No. 1 hit away from tying Michael Jackson’s record for the male soloist with the most chart-topping hits on the Billboard Hot 100. Currently, the Canadian has 12, while Michael Jackson holds 13.

Drake released the ‘For All The Dogs’ single on Friday (September 16). Despite its strong streaming performance, the single received mixed reviews from both fans and critics. Charlamagne Tha God, on his podcast Brilliant Idiots with Andrew Schulz, alluded to the song being somewhat forgettable.


“Drake put out a song last Friday, and nobody cared. The Drake and SZA record,” said Charlamagne. “I’m in the group chat, and I’m like, ‘Damn, Drake put out this record Friday, and people just getting to the lyrics on Monday? That’s not Drake-like!”

The South Carolina native continued, “He’s gonna be fine, regardless. I just think that also when you look at the album cover, and you hear the title, For All the Dogs, I think we were looking for something a little bit more harder, a little bit more aggressive. He came out with this slow joint with SZA.”

Amused by the criticism, Drake took to his Instagram Stories to call the radio host a knockoff version of a famous actor. 

“You kinda weirding me out g. Like you really obsessed with me or something for years like you look in the mirror and wish you say my reflection type shit…whatever you gotta do to let it out I’m sure your 435 loyal fans will stand by you ya fucking goof.”

In separate posts, Drake called Charlamagne an “off-brand Morris Chestnut”

See their interaction below.

Addressing his comments and constant critique of Drake, Charlamagne Tha God claimed on The Breakfast Club that his feud with the ‘Hotline Bling’ artist is entirely orchestrated and all part of the promotional rollout for the OVO hitmaker’s latest releases.

“I want to tell y’all something, but you not gonna believe me because I’m lying, but Drake and I plan this out every time he drops an album. I’m part of the album rollout,” he said. “He drops a record, I critique it, it brings more attention to the record, more attention to the project.

“I keep telling Drake he doesn’t need me to do that; he’s Drake. But for whatever reason, he wants me to do it so I oblige!”

He continued: “It wasn’t always like that, though. Back in the day, I can honestly say I was hating on Drake for fun. It was hilarious, at least to me. He posted one this morning that I forgot I even said where I said there are three sexual orientations — gay, straight and Drake. Hilarious! But that’s just hate.

“After ‘Back to Back’ and he sent the bottles with the note, ‘Let’s be friends,’ we came to an understanding and we agreed that whenever he dropped certain songs, I would hate on them in order to bring more attention to the record. I don’t think he needs it. I think it’s crazy he still wants me to do that.”

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