Dwight Howard Gay? Wife, Children & Net Worth

Dwight Howard has had a career marked by achievements, controversies, and a private life that often sparks public interest. This blog post digs into the sexual allegations he’s currently facing and his personal life, including questions about his sexuality, marital status, and fatherhood.

Dwight Howard’s NBA Journey

Dwight Howard is best known for his days with the Orlando Magic, where he quickly established himself as one of the most dominant centers in league history, earning All-NBA honors in each of his first six seasons. In 2009, he led the Magic to the NBA Finals, where they lost to the Los Angeles Lakers in five games.

While Dwight Howard enjoyed early success, his later career was marred by injuries and controversies. He moved between several teams, including the Lakers, Rockets, Hawks, Hornets, and Wizards. It wasn’t until 2019 that he returned to the Lakers and contributed to their NBA championship as a role player. He played one more season with the Lakers in 2020-21 before embarking on a new chapter overseas with the Taoyuan Leopards in Taiwan in 2022.

Despite his accomplishments, the 2020 NBA champion remains under public scrutiny. An individual named Stephen Harper has accused Howard of sexual assault and battery, relating to an incident in July 2021, according to ESPN’s Baxter Holmes. Howard has denied these allegations, prompting a wider discussion about his personal life.


Dwight Howard’s Sexual Allegations Explained 

Stephen Harper disclosed that he initially contacted Howard in 2021 through a direct message on Instagram, providing his cell phone number, which Howard subsequently texted. In Harper’s lawsuit, he alleges that Howard expressed interest in engaging in explicit sexual activities and requested Harper to send explicit photos.

Howard, in his legal response, admitted that he did exchange text messages with Harper from May to July 2021, some of which included “sexually explicit content, such as photographs and videos.” He confirmed that Harper visited his home on July 19, 2021, and both parties engaged in consensual kissing after undressing.

However, Harper contends that Howard surprised him by introducing another person dressed as a woman, who identified themselves as “Kitty.” According to Harper’s account, Howard sought a threesome involving Kitty, but Harper resisted. Harper alleges that Kitty then engaged in oral sex with Howard. 

Harper asserts he felt uncomfortable and did not wish to participate further. He claims that despite his objections, Howard attempted to touch him inappropriately. Harper made it clear he wanted Howard to stop, but according to Harper, Howard insisted he would continue regardless.

The lawsuit describes a distressing turn of events, with Harper recounting how Howard physically overpowered him, forcibly removing his underwear and subjecting him to nonconsensual oral sex. Harper says he felt genuinely fearful for his safety during this encounter.

Dwight howard

Harper maintains that Howard ceased the sexual act when he realized Harper was not consenting. The suit further alleges that Howard directed Harper to his bed, where Harper observed Kitty engaging in sexual activity with Howard.

Harper claims that Howard compelled him to perform oral sex on him. Following the incident, Harper attempted to arrange transportation through Uber, but Howard insisted that Kitty escort him home.

Is Dwight Howard Gay? 

Dwight Howard hasn’t publicly revealed whether he is gay or not but in an Instagram Live, he insisted that his personal life is not a matter for public scrutiny, “What I do in my bedroom is my business.. where I lay my wood is my business. I don’t have to explain anything that goes on in my house.. y’all are too damn nosey”

Howard previously denied being gay after Masin Elije, a gay man, filed a lawsuit against him in 2019, alleging that they broke up after Elije discovered Howard was sexually involved with other men and transgender women.


“I’m not gay,” Howard told Fair Game with Kristine Leahy at the time. “It’s a lot of people who are, and they have to hide. And there’s people who have mental issues, and they have to hide, it’s people who have different problems in life, they have to hide, they have to put on a mask every day. I don’t want to wear no mask. I just wanna be.”

His attorney, Justin Bailey, confirmed that Howard has engaged in consensual activities with other men.

Is Dwight Howard Married? 

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Reports of Dwight Howard’s marital status have been conflicting. It was initially stated that he was married to former Los Angeles Sparks guard Te’a Cooper, but she later refuted these claims, stating she had never been engaged or married to him.

Never in my life been married or engaged,” Cooper wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

Te’a Cooper was in a relationship with Howard, and the two got engaged in 2019. The two had also gone through a secret marriage ceremony. However, their relationship didn’t last long, and they parted ways after just one year of marriage.

How Many Kids Does Dwight Howard Have?

Dwight Howard
Source: Instagram

Dwight Howard is a father to five children from different relationships, including Royce Reed, Christine Vest, Hope Alexa, Tiffany Render, and Melissa Rios. Additionally, he has been accused of infidelity and harassment by some of his former partners.

The names of his children are Braylon, Jayde, Layla, David, and Dwight III or Trey.

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