NLE Choppa Breaks Silence Amid Rumors Of His Disappearance: ‘I’m All Good’ 

After two days of speculation regarding his whereabouts, NLE Choppa has addressed the concerns raised by his mother, Angela Potts. In a statement shared on social media, the Memphis rapper thanked fans for their support but clarified that he simply needed some time alone. 

“I appreciate y’all showing concern but the missing narrative isn’t cool, especially knowing that people really do go missing everyday,” he wrote. “I took a little time to myself to get back to my roots, but trust I’m all good. Apologies to anyone that was worried. We don’t run from battles we take em up chin up. I’m back.”

Choppa’s disappearance was first reported by his mother on Friday (Oct. 20). In her Instagram post, Potts communicated her worry about not having heard from her son in hours. 

 “Y’all help me pray over my child,” Potts wrote. “I ain’t talked to this boy in hours, and he usually doesn’t do this. One thing I know about my son is that he doesn’t go ghost for any reason. If you all hear from him, PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP!”


Shortly after, the rapper’s management issued a similar plea on his Twitter account. “Contact Momma Choppa via Instagram if you hear from NLE Choppa! -Management,” the post read. 

Potts’ post sparked a wave of concern among fans and social media users. Many took to their own accounts to share well-wishes and offer their support.

Angela Potts confirmed her son’s return in a subsequent Instagram post on October 21. She expressed gratitude for the support and prayers received, reassuring everyone that Choppa was indeed okay. 

 “Thank you for the PRAYERS and SUPPORT,” she wrote. “Choppa’s okay. He just needed a minute but didn’t communicate it to his loved ones.”

Potts also opened up about the challenges of being the mother of a celebrity, acknowledging that such situations can be overwhelming. She clarified that her intention was never to cause alarm, but rather to seek support during a moment of worry and concern.

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