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Remi Lucidi Cause Of Death Explained

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Remi Lucidi, a French daredevil known for his high-rise stunts, passed away on Thursday after falling off a 68-story Tregunter Tower complex in Hong Kong. He was famous for climbing several towering structures around the world.

NameRemi Lucidi
Age30 Years
Relationship statusunknown
Year of BirthFebruary, 23, 1993
Net Worth$200k

Remi Lucidi Cause of Death

In Hong Kong’s upscale Mid-Levels area, Remi set his sights on the Tregunter Tower, a towering residential block standing at an impressive 721 feet. He made it all the way up to the 68th floor, but unfortunately, this would be his last climb.

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Moments before the fatal fall, Remi was seen banging on the windows of the Tregunter Tower complex. It’s believed he was attempting to seek help or attention from someone inside.

Hong Kong officials revealed that a security guard at the building tried to stop Remi when he claimed he was visiting a friend on the 40th floor, but he managed to go higher up the building.

Tragically, Remi lost his footing while attempting to continue his ascent and fell from the 68th floor. He died instantly due to the impact.

Police investigating the incident believe that Remi might have become trapped outside the top-floor penthouse, where he was seen desperately knocking on a window, startling a maid who was inside the apartment.

Before his death, Remi Enigma was last seen alive at 7.38 pm, tapping on the window of the penthouse. The maid inside the apartment, alarmed by his actions, promptly called the police.

It’s been reported that Remi’s camera, found at the accident scene, contained footage of other death-defying stunts and climbs. However, the official cause of his death has not been released yet.

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Remi’s adventurous spirit and zest for life were evident to those who knew him. Gurjit Kaur, the hostel owner where Remi was staying, expressed sadness over his passing, describing him as a healthy, fit, and happy-faced individual.

Remi Lucidi Biography

Remi Lucidi, aka Remi Enigma (born February 23, 1993), was a French climber famous for scaling skyscrapers and other tall structures worldwide.

Remi Lucidi Age

He was only 30 when tragedy struck on July 30, 2023. His passion for extreme sports and climbing led him to various daring feats, such as climbing cranes, bridges, pylons, and even transmitters.

Remi Lucidi Height

He stands 5′ 9″ tall and weigh 149 lbs.

Remi Lucidi Career

About seven years ago, in 2016, Remi Lucidi made his first video about “rooftopping,” which is all about climbing tall buildings.

At first, he did it only in his home country. But then, something sparked in him, and he decided to take his passion to the next level.
He wanted more excitement in life, so he started traveling all over the world to find new and thrilling challenges.

He posted his climbing pictures on his Facebook account, showing off his climbing skills back home. But he didn’t stop there. In 2016, he went to Dubai, and that was a turning point for him.

After that, he went on an incredible journey to different countries like Ukraine, Spain, Greece, Russia, the United Kingdom, Colombia, Germany, Poland, Mexico, and many more. He was on a mission to climb all sorts of structures, from tall TV towers to Ferris wheels and beyond!

Out of all the places he visited, Hong Kong stole his heart. He fell in love with the city and climbed its skyscrapers many times. He shared lots of pictures of his Hong Kong climbs on social media.

Sadly, Remi Lucidi’s thrilling adventures came to a tragic end. He lost his life doing what he loved most – climbing. But his memory lives on through the amazing climbs he did and the fearless spirit he had.

Remi Lucidi Net Worth

Remi Lucidi has an estimated net worth of $200,000.

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