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Who Is Sexyy Red’s Baby Daddy?

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Sexyy Red has been sort of an enigma since she arrived the hip hop scene, with many interested in her lifestyle prior to fame. The St. Louis native achieved viral success in 2023 and has remained a hot topic on social media due to her raw energy and unfiltered lyricism. Her Fans are fascinated by her lifestyle choices and critics are unappreciative of her boldness. However, Red seems unfazed by the scrutiny and criticism.

While her lifestyle before fame remains shrouded in mystery, her present is anything but. The “SkeeYee” hitmaker, whose real name is Janae Nierah Wherry, is expecting her second child soon. She already has a son, who was born in 2020, from a previous relationship.

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She announced her pregnancy in October 2023, and since then, fans have been curious about the identity of her baby daddy.

The rapper has been very secretive about her love life, and has not revealed the name or the face of her partner. However, she did share some pictures from a maternity photoshoot on Instagram, where she posed with a blurred-out man. She captioned the since-deleted post shared on January 11 with “bd”, which stands for baby daddy.

Some fans speculated that the man in the photos could be Drake, who featured Sexyy Red on his track “Rich Baby Daddy”. The song, which became a viral hit, has lyrics like “I got a rich baby daddy, he spoil me rotten / He buy me everything I want, he don’t say nothin'”. However, neither Sexyy Red nor Drake have confirmed or denied the rumors.

While some people responded to the maternity photos with congratulatory messages, others were deadset on discovering who her baby’s father was.

Sexyy Red took to social media to say, “Y’all want to play detective on my good life so bad instead of worrying about them unpaid bills.” She continued, “Don’t worry about it no more; I told y’all that it is Chief Keef.”

Interestingly, Sexyy Red featured Chief Keef on a diss song about her baby daddy in December 2023, called “Bow Bow Bow (F My Baby Dad)”. The song has lines like “My n, fed up, f** my baby dad.”

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Sexyy Red has spoken about her experience of having to hide her pregnancy while on tour with Drake. She told Billboard: “When nobody knew I was pregnant, I’d be in the back room like tryna suck my stomach in or wear clothes to show that I wasn’t pregnant.

And I had to practice my breathing — like before I’d go on stage, I had to hold my stomach in and look at myself and be like, ‘Can they tell?’ Once I just was like, ‘Okay I can’t keep hiding it ’cause it hurt to just be on stage all day holding your stomach in.’ So I’m like, ‘Just forget about it.’”

She continued: “I was pregnant on the Drake tour and the Moneybagg [Yo] tour but nobody knew. People started suspecting it on the Drake tour because there was videos and pictures of me coming out. That’s the only reason I was hiding it because I just wanted me and my family and friends to know.”

Who Is Sexyy Red’s Baby Daddy?

The rising star has revealed she has two baby Daddies. Although both identities are unknown, baby daddy no. 1 is currently in jail for reasons that are unclear at this time.

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