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50 Cent Details Why Future Is Bigger Than Jay-Z In The Streets 

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50 Cent continues to stir up a hornet’s nest when it comes to his relationship with Jay-Z. In a new interview with Ari Melber, the Get Rich Or Die Trying rapper claimed Future is a bigger artist in the streets than Hov. He made the debatable comments while discussing Future’s earlier claims that he’s bigger than Jay-Z in the streets. 

According to 50 Cent, Future is “way bigger” than Jay-Z because the has consistently put out music that people in the streets “love and appreciate.” 

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“[Future] is way bigger,” 50 said. “Like, there is consistent music from him that didn’t chart that are huge records [in the streets] that people love and appreciate that.”

Back in 2021 Future stirred controversy when he tweeted, “In the streets im bigger [than] jigga. Ima run me a B up easy.” The comments naturally generated mixed reactions with many responding in agreement. 

Though 50 Cent’s comments are debatable there’s many in the industry that believe Jay-Z isn’t really all that. During a Wednesday (Feb. 15) interview with The Art Of Dialogue, Goodie Mob’s Big Gipp explained how Jay-Z’s Music became irrelevant when 50 Cent arrived the scene. 

“When 50 came out, I ain’t hear no JAY-Z music — it just stopped playing,” the 49-year-old said. “Come on, bruh! I was there when 50 came out, he shut everything down. And the reason why they didn’t give it to 50, you know why? Because the West Coast did his music. New York has never crowned 50 Cent because the West Coast did his music: Dr. Dre.”

Big Gipp also alleged Jay’s popularity was limited to New York because nobody outside the city heard any of his music.  

“Jay-Z ain’t never been on the radio here hella crazy. No!” Gipp claimed. “He has big records, but all the records that people probably heard in New York, they never heard them records down here. Same goes out West. They probably heard the big records with Beyoncé, ‘Big Pimpin,’ but if you go back, they never heard a lot of sh*t that people love Jay for in New York.”

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Jay-Z previously admitted 50 Cent was a “different animal” when he came out, and Fif also claimed he was the conduit behind Jay-Z’s decision to retire from music and assume his role as president of Def Jam. 

“What was Jay-Z from 2003 to 2006? I sold 23 million records between 2003 and 2006. He’d stop making music said I’m gonna go be the president of a record company. Like I quit. We’ll get back to what me and you got later Fif, I quit. Timeout!! I’ll come back to play later. Then he signed the Beyonce contract, I was like ‘yeah men lie, women lie, numbers don’t. That shit is a tough one to compete against.”

For a more detailed review of 50 Cent’s beef with Jay-Z, you can read our timeline of events that transpired. 

Watch Big Gipp’s interview with The Art Of Dialogue below.

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