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50 Cent’s Upcoming Vice City Series Has Nothing To Do With Grand Theft Auto

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Genius, or false Marketing?

50 Cent created buzz for his upcoming Paramount original series when he shared an image of Vice City stylized in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City’s pink logo art form on his Instagram page last week. In the caption of the since deleted post he wrote, “this shit is bigger than power.”

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Fans prematurely speculated he was developing a TV series based on the popular Grand Theft Auto video game, but Fif remained quiet about the details.

The rapper, on Thursday (March 9) finally shared new information about the upcoming creation. While 50 Cent’s Vice City tease has no connection to Rockstar’s GTA: Vice City video game, the rapper’s new show mirrors the fourth main entry in the GTA series.

But rather than follow the life of protagonist Tommy Vercetti, the original series from Lionsgate Television, Paramount Television Studios, and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson‘s G-Unit Film & Television tells the story of three friends and former soldiers in their mid-’80s, who return to their home city of Miami after they’re dishonorably discharged from the military for their involvement in the Iran Contra scandal. Without any legitimate job prospects, the trio meet their financial needs by partnering with a mysterious Colombian immigrant and forming a heist crew.  

According to Deadline, and confirmed by 50 Cent, Vice City will be directed by Chad Stahelski, who directed all four John Wick films.

50 Cent has produced a wide variety of content across numerous platforms, which largely evolves around true crime drama. During an interview with PEOPLE, the G-Unit founder spoke about his growing interest in the genre.

“I like true crime, period, the entire genre. If you don’t read the news, if you’re not in the current events, [then you should]. I do.”

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Would you be watching 50 Cent’s Vice City series?

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