Azealia Banks Posts Hateful Comments To DC Young Fly Following Death Of Jacky Oh

Azealia Banks is still not over DC Young Fly making her cry during a 2017 episode of Wild ‘N Out. In a series of posts shared on her Instagram stories on Wednesday (June 7), Banks commented on the death of DC Young Fly’s partner, Jacky Oh, who tragically passed on Wednesday, May 31, following an alleged “mummy makeover” surgery.

In her post, which has been slammed as ‘insensitive’ by many social media users, Banks wrote that she believed Jacky’s death was “karma” for Young Fly’s jokes about her appearance on the MTV show.

“DC Young Fly spent years disguising his own deeply rooted hatred of self as jokes pointed at women’s beauty, Projecting his own feelings about his own ugliness unto women perfectly secure in their own skin,” she began her post. “Say what you want about my tears. They were pure tears of rage.
And not at all a sign of weakness. Because in the end …. I won.

“I’m happy I cried and moved on.
That Jackie o girl must have been so deeply insecure about herself. And the nerve of DC to call such a gorgeous woman as Azealia Banks…ugly on National television while a bunch of black people laughed.”


She went on to make condescending remarks about the exact day Jacky Oh was pronounced dead. “And ironically, Dead at 32 exactly on my 32nd birthday,
May 31st, 2023 In Miami, FL. You n-ggas are going to learn to stop fucking with me,” she added.

Banks’ comments were widely condemned by fans and celebrities alike. Many people accused her of being insensitive and disrespectful.

“Azealia Banks is sick. speaking on someone’s deceased partner because you got your feelings hurt on a staged show 4 years ago is very low,” one person wrote on twitter.

Another twitter user said “I’m so disgusted at what Azealia Banks said about Jacky’s passing , YOU TOOK IT PERSONAL THAT DC clowned you on Wild N Out when you knew what that show was about !! This lady has no soul and is very sad ! God don’t play about his children HE NEVER DID !! My love and prayers still goes out to DC and his family.”

“She’s a disgusting person & she’s still mad all these years later about Wild N Out,” one person wrote.

Another person commented, “Nah, that’s not the flex she thinks it is. I don’t care how mad you are at someone. You don’t make light of them losing a loved one, because of some words. All you doing is bringing that negative energy right back your way. Nothing they said even warranted her using the mother of his children’s death as some gotcha moment.”

“Azealia Banks is the definition of a terrible women,” wrote another person.

Azealia Banks and DC Young Fly had a feud in 2017 after she appeared on the MTV show Wild ‘N Out. During her appearance, the ‘Anna Wintour’ singer was roasted by DC Young Fly, who made a joke about her looks and complexion. Banks was visibly offended by the joke and stormed off the set. She later took to social media to criticize Young Fly and Wild ‘N Out.

Young Fly responded to Banks’ criticism by saying that he was simply doing his job as a comedian. He also said that he did not mean to offend Banks and that he had nothing but respect for her.

As we previously reported on Rap Aesthetics, DC Young Fly’s partner and mother of his 3-children, Jacky Oh tragically passed away last month in Miami FL. Investigations are ongoing to determine her death cause.

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