Blueface and Chrisean Rock Reunite for New Song and Video ‘Baby Mama Drama’ – Watch 

Blueface capitalizes on the drama surrounding both his baby mamas to release a new song aptly titled “Baby Mama Drama.” Despite the title, the song’s content has little to do with the toxicity in his relationships with Chrisean Rock and Jaidyn Alexis, except for the part where he raps, “I signed both my baby mamas, guess I’m the problem.

In the video, Chrisean Rock takes center stage, and the couple’s newborn son, Chrisean Malone Jr., makes an appearance. Blueface also uses the song to diss Lil Baby, whom he previously accused of having an affair with his Crazy In Love co-star.

“Lil Baby thought he knew me/How you let another grown man feel up on your booty/Couldn’t be me boy am not a hoochie/You ni***s really industry I ain’t really industry,” Blue raps, referring to the infamous photo of Lil Baby being hugged by Michael Rubin at the billionaire’s annual 4th of July All-White party earlier this summer.

Watch the video below. 


Over the weekend, Chrisean Rock shared several photos and videos of her and Blueface together in Baltimore, including one of them in the studio recording and shooting the video for “Baby Mama Drama.” Blueface also announced that he had signed Rock to his “Milf Music Forever” label, which didn’t sit well with his other baby mama, Jaidyn Alexis.

The Los Angeles native took to Twitter to vent her frustration while calling out Blueface over his parenting skills. 

“My new manager would never,” she wrote on Sunday (Sept 17). Another post read, “Who’s watching the baby?” Elsewhere, she stated, “[A] deadbeat shooting a music video or in [the] studio for fun is different, but go off. I know y’all need the clout.”

She also called him an opp, adding, “My bd an opp sorry to disappoint y’all he’s a narcissist, a liar and a weirdo.”

In response, Blueface provided his side of the story. Despite publicly proclaiming how much better his high school sweetheart was than Chrisean Rock, he switched up in his affinity, revealing that Alexis didn’t initially support his music career.

He hit back in a number of now-deleted tweets, “When I first started rapping Jaidyn didn’t support me or my music and that’s [Why] I never really took her serious when I got on… One day I was [On My Way] to the studio and she told me I would never be Nipsey [Hussle] or [Puff] Diddy. It was motivating to prove her wrong. That’s the reason I ain’t Marry her.”

One post explained, “I took care of her [because] she was there when I was nobody, but imagine you tryna be somebody [and your] b**ch keep telling you, you won’t make it… You build resentment [and] motivation, [and when you get on, these random females believe in you and support you more [than] somebody you knew [your] whole [life].”

Alexis responded, [You] weirdo b—h I’m the only one who ever had [Your] back I held [You] down man y’all see this ?? Narcissist and manipulative Smfh. She continued, “I walked to work to save a dollar so he could sell a dime [laughing emoji]. Damn I was dumb, my bad Y’all.”
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