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Blueface Under Investigation for Having Strippers Around Son

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The recent videos featuring Blueface‘s young son in the company of exotic dancers within his residence have attracted notable attention, prompting responses from law enforcement agencies as well as the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).

According to sources in law enforcement cited by TMZ, sheriff’s deputies have been dispatched to the rapper’s Los Angeles-area residence on a total of nine occasions since May. Among these incidents, the most serious involved a call for a DCFS inquiry into Blueface’s involvement with strippers in the presence of his children.

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Following Blueface’s posting of a video wherein he inquired about his five year old son’s sexual orientation while women were engaging in provocative activities nearby, the DCFS initiated an investigation, leading to the dispatch of sheriff’s deputies to the residence.

In July, the rapper shared a video on his Instagram account featuring his girlfriend and the mother of his oldest son, Jaidyn Alexxis dancing alongside exotic performers in their living room. Shortly after, the “Thotiana” emcee walked over to the pantry looking for his son to ask him why he wasn’t in the room with the women.

Once he found his son, Blueface said, “Son, come here. It’s booty cheeks out here, and you looking for chips and Slim Jims and s**t.” He then proceeded to ask, “You ain’t gay, is you?” while pointing at the young child.

The young boy responded in the negative, prompting a relieved Blueface to pump his fist and exclaim to his audience, “Hey guys, he’s not gay! We’ve got hope.” He then inquired further, asking his son, ““You know what gay is?” to which his son replied, “No, I really don’t. What else you got?”

Blueface went on to say, “Well, if you ever decide to be gay, I would be upset but I would still love you. I’ll still support you, take care of you.”

As of the latest information, Blueface retains custody of his son. It appears that the DCFS inquiry has not progressed further, in part due to a lack of response when deputies attempted to contact the rapper. 

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Law enforcement notes that additional calls to the residence included complaints about excessive noise and disturbances related to loud music and dogs barking.

While Blueface’s residence has become a frequent stop for law enforcement, the videos involving his son and strippers remain the most concerning issue.

Blueface has been a hot topic of discussion since the recent birth of his child with Chrisean Rock. The rapper expressed concerns about Rock’s mental state and even issued a threat to take custody of the child if she doesn’t prioritize him.  Turns out he also needs to watch his back as he’s facing scrutiny from the Department of Children and Family Services.

In the midst of this, Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Safford, has urged all parties involved—Blueface, Chrisean Rock, and Jaidyn—to refrain from involving the children in their conflicts. She specifically directed a blunt message to Jaidyn, telling her to “Shut the f—k up.”

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