Blueface Gets 3 Years Probation for Las Vegas Shooting

Blueface has been sentenced to a maximum of three years of probation after pleading guilty to charges of battery and discharging a firearm at an occupied structure back in July.

Judge Kathleen E. Delaney emphasized the main probation condition during the sentencing, making it unequivocal that Blueface is prohibited from being around guns. She warned him that any violation would lead to a substantial prison term of 2-5 years.

The judge left no room for ambiguity, stating, “No, you cannot have guns. There’s no confusion on that point. And if you choose to roll with guns and that’s your choice but I will tell you if you get caught doing that, if you get brought back here on any kind of probation violation especially anything involving weapons, I will not hesitate to put you in prison for a significant amount of time,” the judge warned Blueface.

She continued, “You are playing with your liberty, your life obviously, but you’re playing with your liberty if you’re gonna have guns and do anything to violate that’s gonna violate your probation in that regard, do you understand,” the judge asked him to which he responded, “Yes, ma’am.”


The judge further clarified that this prohibition extends to any form of association with firearms, including being seen with them in photos or videos.

“I don’t want any confusion; I hear people who say things like I didn’t realize I could do this or that or have pictures with them. No, zero guns around you where you are of any kind and that needs to be quite clear,” she said.

Blueface’s attorney, Kristina M. Wildeveld, informed Pitchfork, “He has the ability to earn a reduction to a gross misdemeanor charge upon successful completion of his probation… He is ultimately just looking forward to getting back to focusing on his music career and moving forward with his life.”

Blueface was arrested last year in connection with the shooting of a man named Kentavious Traylor at a Las Vegas strip club. Originally charged with attempted murder, the rapper pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of battery.

TMZ reports Kentavious Traylor, the man who was apparently grazed by one of the bullets, expressed frustration with the judicial process, feeling that Blueface received preferential treatment due to his celebrity status. Traylor voiced that the incident has had a detrimental impact on his life and job prospects, making it clear he harbors no goodwill towards Blueface. 

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