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Chrisean Rock Says She Doesn’t Want To Be Saved After Getting Massive Blueface Tattoo On Her Face

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Chrisean Rock angered her fans this weekend (Sunday, Jan. 28) when she unveiled a massive tattoo of Blueface on her cheek. The tattoo is a large and realistic portrait of the rapper’s face, based on his mugshot from his 2022 arrest, and covers most of the side of her face.

Fans were appalled by her decision and questioned why she would stay with a man who allegedly hit her last month and doesn’t respect her. Some fans also doubted that the tattoo was real. However, Rock confirmed that the tattoo is real. She went live on Instagram to address the backlash and declare her love for Blueface, who is currently in jail for violating his probation.

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“It’s not fake. I don’t know why y’all keep saying it’s fake. I got it done professionally at a place where they do some real good stuff,” she said.

“Me and Blue we’re not our happiest with anybody else so all that sh*t he was doing was faking for some money. Me, I was just trying but it never worked. And yes he stays on the phone with me. He loves talking to his b*tch.”

Rock also lashed out at her fans for saying she can’t be saved. “Y’all are like ‘we can’t save you’ – save who? What are y’all doing? Y’all are just being nosy. Y’all are not saving anyone. And b*tch, I don’t want to be saved, obviously.

“F*ck all y’all weird ass motherf*ckers that think they doing something. Y’all wish y’all views was this high and that’s why y’all mad at me. Y’all wish y’all had the internet on lock.”

Rock and Blueface have had an unpredictable and tumultuous relationship since they began dating in 2020, when she was a contestant on his reality show, Blue Girls Club. Following years marred with fights, social media feuds and infidelity, Rock eventually announced her separation from the rapper after he denied being the father of her child and posted a picture of the child’s genitals online She even concealed the massive tattoo of his face on her neck with a rose and her newborn son’s name, Chrisean Jesus Malone, Jr., on her chest.

Fans at the time applauded Rock for her brave decision and she seemed to have moved on with her new boyfriend, K. Suave. However, last week, she posted that she had moved back in with Blueface, even though he is in jail.

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On Jan. 25, she shared selfies of her standing behind a moving truck and making a peace sign. She captioned the photo, “Moving back with my baby daddy.”

Blueface is in jail for violating his probation. He will stay there until July, but some reports say he could be out in February.

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