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Blueface Goes Off On Chrisean Rock: ‘She’s A Bad Mother’

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Blueface and Chrisean Rock (Getty Images)

The relationship between Blueface and Chrisean Rock hit another unbearable milestone this past weekend, to the disgust and disappointment of thousands of internet users. Just days after telling the world he wanted to make it work with Rock for the benefit of their infant son, he has now resorted to publicly berating his Crazy In Love co-star.

In a series of tweets fired on his X account, the 26-year old D-list rapper explained his struggle to connect with his son due to the last name given by Rock.

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“I’m happy for rock [and] her success [and] her place [and] my son living Ina house but I can’t go over there [and] play house with her. My son name is chrisean jr he got her daddy last name [and] her daddy is a mark that’s what I’m really mad about. I don’t feel no connection to her or the baby,” he typed. 

“I knocked [your] father out [why] would you name my son after a mark [and] think ima be happy [and] jolly like he carrying on my legacy [The f—-k] delusional. I can speak for all the [Baby Daddies] In America if a female have [your] baby don’t invite you or let you know none [and] then name him after herself [You] not gone feel no connection women carry for 9 months so they already connected but from a man perspective we don’t connect till we feel connected.”

In a later social media outburst, fueled by alcohol, Blueface took a shocking step by sharing a photo of his son’s alleged hernia and accused Rock of neglecting their child’s medical needs, including surgeries and appointments.

“My son don’t got a c—k and she on here popping it so you know what ima do every time… check mate. This what my son d—k look like [and] she worried about me [and] lil baby c—k like bih get our son c—k right then do what you want. Baby still ain’t had the surgery for his hernia.” 

“She is a bad mother yes she is unfit,” Blueface continued. “She been pushing the surgery back missing the appointments so she can do what she wants I went to [Baltimore] thinking it’s surgery they talking about she missed the appointment.” 

“Do you understand my frustration now ? She playing [with] my son [and] his well being for her own spite grief [and] feelings that’s a innocent baby [and] you putting him last on yo priorities list you shouldn’t have left [Baltimore] without his c—k right.”

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Blueface went further to assert that Chrisean was struggling with substance abuse and alleged that he had urged her to consider abortion. 

“I had a baby with a crack baby [shake my head]. it’s my fault too [for real] can’t cap I tried to get that abortion but she prayed for this s—t. [I don’t care] about chrisean feelings my son is hurting everyday and she’s acting like it’s not a problem.

“I only went to [Baltimore] for the surgery but when we got there they said you missed the appointment it was 2 days ago the doctors are busy now we have to reschedule at that moment I knew she wasn’t really up for the challenge.

“[I] haven’t seen rock make one move or decision right by the baby but you want to be mad at me for telling the truth she listens to comments [and] clout that’s it that’s [why] I bleed her online she acts right after guarantee that surgery get done before she do anything else [and] that I want.

Despite sharing the photo and his son’s alleged medical issue with the world, Blueface insisted he “tried to do the right thing” and keep things private. 

Blueface Under Fire For Posting His Son’s Genitals On Social Media 

Blueface’s latest act of belligerence left social media users appalled. While confrontations between Blueface and Chrisean Rock are not new, this act was considered a particularly distressing low. Some individuals even called for child protective services to intervene.

One person wrote on X, formerly Twitter: “Damn I never ever really care about that blueface and chrisean drama but please somebody save that baby or help that fuckin girl omfg like this shit ain’t funny.”

Another person added, “I have zero sympathy for chrisean she’s goofy , blueface is goofy. The only person in this situation I literally have empathy for is their baby. This shit is sad & pathetic.”

“i hate chrisean and blue face they don’t deserve to be parents that poor baby shit so unfortunate,” wrote a third person. 

See more Twitter reactions to Blueface’s latest act of shame below.

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