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Five Steez and Son Raw Unleash Vibrant New Single “New Kingston”

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Artwork courtesy Five Steez

Five Steez and Son Raw’s latest single, “New Kingston,” is a captivating preview of their forthcoming album, aptly titled Re:DEFined. This dynamic track features the mesmerizing vocals of futuristic Reggae Funk singer, Annajé, immersing listeners in the pulsating streets of Five Steez’s beloved hometown.

Through his masterful storytelling, Five Steez intertwines local references, painting a vivid tapestry that vividly depicts urban life in Jamaica.

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“New Kingston” encapsulates the very essence of its surroundings, seamlessly blending Five Steez’s lyrical prowess with Son Raw’s thunderous production, resulting in a harmonious synergy that leaves an indelible impression. From the choice of rolling paper to the roaring Yeng Yeng motorbikes that echo through the city, Five Steez flawlessly captures the spirit of his environment.

Son Raw’s production serves as an atmospheric backdrop, fusing bittersweet riddims, powerful drums, and haunting chords. This musical landscape perfectly complements Five Steez’s narrative and Annajé’s captivating vocals, crafting an immersive experience for the audience.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind “New Kingston,” Five Steez explains, “I wanted to showcase the culture and vernacular in a manner that introduces outsiders to life in Kingston, while providing a representation that Jamaicans seldom hear in Hip Hop of this nature. I titled the track ‘New Kingston,’ not specifically referring to the business district, but as a metaphor for the evolving times we find ourselves in. It’s 2023, and life here has transformed.”

“New Kingston” offers an enticing glimpse into the forthcoming album, Re:DEFined. Five Steez and Son Raw are pushing the boundaries of contemporary Hip Hop, fusing global sounds and deeply personal lyrics to create an innovative record that pays homage to the classic 90s era while propelling the art form forward.

Expressing his appreciation for the musical heritage of Jamaica, Son Raw shares, “I have always held a deep admiration for the diverse genres that have emerged from Jamaica and the impact they have had worldwide. It is an honor to contribute to a song with local artists that captures the essence of modern culture and life.”

“Re:DEFined” is scheduled to debut on Bandcamp on Tuesday, July 11, and will be available on all streaming platforms on Tuesday, July 25.

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Listen to New Kingston below.

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