Friday, March 1, 2024
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Five Steez and Son Raw Unite to Redefine Hip Hop on Explosive New Album

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Kingston-based Hip Hop artist Five Steez and Montreal-based producer Son Raw have joined forces to create an electrifying new album titled Re:DEFined. The new collaboration, released exclusively on Bandcamp combines sharp observations of artistic life in Kingston with a global sound palate that is delivered through a diverse range of rhythms, sounds, and thought-provoking subjects.

As listeners embark on this sonic journey, they are treated to a sundry of beats, insightful lyrics, and a deep sense of personal and artistic redefinition. From reflective, orchestral missives like “Diamond Gem” to soulful observations of everyday life in tracks like “Juggle” and “Simple Man,” to the vibrant energy of nocturnal bangers such as “The General” and “New Kingston,” the album showcases a wide range of musical styles and emotions. Five Steez’s heartfelt rhymes seamlessly intertwine with Son Raw’s crunchy and hard-hitting beats, creating a captivating sonic experience.

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For Five Steez, Re:DEFined represents a significant milestone in his artistic journey. Reflecting on the album, he states, “We’re in a new era from when I started releasing music over a decade ago. In many ways, I am becoming a new person and artist. I have redefined and am still redefining myself.”

This personal growth is evident in the album’s lyrical content, which delves into profound observations of life in Kingston and the ever-evolving nature of the artist.

“Re:DEFined” marks the second collaboration between Five Steez and Son Raw, following their work together on The Council of The Gods’ Trilogy album in 2021, where Son Raw contributed to the production.

The album is currently available on Bandcamp, with a wider release scheduled for July 25 on DSPs and physical copies becoming available in August through Bandcamp.

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