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‘He Didn’t Groom Me’ — Bhad Bhabie Speaks On Dating Chief Keef At 18

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Bhad Bhabie Defends Chief Keef From Accusations of Pedophila

During a recent appearance on Emily Ratajkowski’s High Low With Emrata podcast, Bhad Bhabie spoke about her brief relationship with Chief Keef and revealed he was one of the first loves of her life.

Though they publicly spent a lot of time together while she was a teen, Bhabie, 20 confirmed that they started dating when she was 18 and admitted she should’ve never been involved with him. 

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Her comments sparked debates of pedophilia and Chief Keef was accused of grooming the internet star. Taking to Twitter, Bhad Bhabie spoke in defense of her ex-boyfriend and slammed internet trolls for mislabeling him.

“Wait I’m mad confused 20 and 27 is weird but 30 and 37 isn’t ? Calling someone a pedophile isn’t just something you say to troll or talk shit. It’s disrespectful asf,” Bhabie said in a since deleted tweet. “I can’t stand the mf but I’m not the type of person to let someone’s name b ruined with lies. Dead that sh-t.”

“I know what it’s like to have your name ruined with lies. Just bc he knew me before I was 18 doesn’t mean it was like that,” she continued. “Y’all wouldn’t understand how we were and that don’t mean he groomed me either. I’m in a new relationship now and happy asf. I don’t care to keep feeding into the bullsh-t, but both me and Sosa characters got played with badly today. I’m not okay w it.”  

She later admitted she may have encouraged fans to tag him a pedophile after she previously called him that. However, she blamed it on her being drunk and mad at the time.

“I let y’all in on some of it bc I fucked up and called him that on here, then I had to let y’all start putting 2+2  and getting 5 if I don’t. I f-cked up. Sh-t woulda never escalated to this if I wouldn’t had did that from the jump on some drunk mad sh-t.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Bhad Bhabie, whose real name is Danielle Bregoli revealed that she has six tattoos dedicated to the Chicago rapper from when they unofficially dated back in 2020. 

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“I have one guy that managed to make it six times, five or six,” she said. “So, I have Chief Keef’s birthday, his last name, his name, his nickname, and I have ‘CK’ on my ankle, then I have his last name right here. Actually, I just covered his birthday, and then I have ‘So’ on my ear, and then I have ‘Keef’ on my wrist.”

When asked why she decided to cover up Keef’s birthday, she added that it’s because she’s “sick of his shit.”

“I’m getting them removed. I’m just tired of being delusional,” she said. “I’m so over it.”

Bhad Bhabie rose to fame through a viral moment on the “Dr. Phil” show in September 2016. At the time, she was just 13 years old and appeared on the talk show alongside her mother, Barbara Ann Bregoli, to discuss her rebellious behavior and alleged theft.

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WESTWOOD, CALIFORNIA – AUGUST 13: TV Personality Danielle Bregoli attends the LA premiere of “47 Meters Down Uncaged” the at Regency Village Theatre on August 13, 2019 in Westwood, California. (Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

During the segment, Bregoli became infamous for her catchphrase “Cash me ousside, how ’bout dah?” which was directed at the audience. The phrase quickly went viral and became a meme sensation on social media, leading to widespread attention and media coverage.

Bregoli continued to gain notoriety through her social media presence, particularly on Instagram where she shared her outspoken personality and provocative content. She soon gained a large following and caught the attention of music producers who saw her potential as a rapper.

In August 2017, Bregoli released her first single “These Heaux” under the name Bhad Bhabie, which quickly went viral and became a surprise hit. The song’s success led to a record deal with Atlantic Records and the release of more music, including her debut mixtape “15” in September 2018 and her second mixtape “Bhanned in the USA” in 2019.

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