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How Much Is Moneybagg Yo Worth? Net Worth Revealed

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Moneybagg Yo is setting the record straight on his net worth. The Memphis native is reportedly worth $4 million according to Google search results. However, when asked if the figures were accurate, Moneybagg responded with a resounding “No.”

He tells Speedy Morman on the Complex show 360 that he’s worth “way more” than that.

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“I think the net worth go off what you got in the system … I forgot. Somebody told me whatever it is. The taxable dollars or whatever that may be. I don’t want to say too much about that with cameras around,” he said, later adding “I made way more than that last year.”

He went on to reveal how much he makes per show, claiming he once got $200,000 for just one performance. “That set the standard, $200k a show,” he said. “I’m still a hustler, I’m a street n-gga at the end of the day so I understand business, too. So it’s like, everybody ain’t got the $200k, I ain’t going no less 1$50k though we’re gonna make it happen.”

Elsewhere in the chat, he defended his decision to do advertisements for marijuana and brands, “Some people look at me crazy for doing little weed posters and different stuff like that. It ain’t even ’cause I need the money, I don’t need the money, I understand the hustle. … They finna pay me $50, $75,000 just for this story and feed post. Guess what? My kids needed this, they pay for that. I just paid my whole monthly expenses off two weed posters.”

Watch Moneybagg Yo’s full interview with Speedy Morman below. Skip to the 31:50 mark to hear him talk about his net worth.

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