Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign Collaborative Album to Release on November 3rd

Ty Dolla $ign has confirmed that his collaborative album with Kanye West, titled “Y$”, will be released on November 3rd, with listening parties scheduled for the same day.

The Los Angeles native ook to Instagram to share the news, stating, “Y$ multi-stadium listening event,” slated for November 3rd.


Just days prior, he dropped a teaser on his X account (formerly Twitter) with a simple post of “¥$.”

The listening parties will be held in multiple cities around the world, but the exact locations have not yet been announced. Anticipation for the album is high as it is expected to be a mix of Ty Dolla Sign’s R&B-infused hip hop and West’s classical sound.


The announcement comes after months of speculation and rumors about the album. West and Ty Dolla $ign were reportedly going to host a listening event in Italy on October 20th, but it was postponed due to a train strike and weather concerns.

A spokesperson from the Reggio Emilia prefecture explained, “Given the fact that a rail strike was planned the same day and that heavy rain is due, it was thought prudent to postpone the event. Our aim [is] to ensure the safety and security of all and if there is a transport issue, then the concert cannot go ahead safely. And as it is open air, the heavy rain forecast would have also created problems.”

It is unclear whether the venue for the October event, the RCF Arena in Reggio Emilia, will still be used for the show on November 3rd.

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