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Kanye West Shares Nude Photos Of His Wife Bianca Censori 

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From the looks of it, Kanye West has dumped his Christian phase and is back to doing whatever for shock value. The one time antisemite of the year on Tuesday (Jan. 2) returned to his rarely used Instagram account to share a trilogy of images featuring his wife Bianca Censori in revealing outfits. 

The first depicted the Australian native rocking a fur bandeau top and a skimpy g-string thong. The look was paired with fishnet knee-high tights worn over pointed-toe pumps and a black stocking cap for headwear.

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“No pants this year,” Kanye declared in the caption.

In additional photos, Bianca continued to put her bare bod on full display. The former architect switched outfits, slipping into an equally as spicy high-waist leather corset thong and itty-bitty string bikini top which barely covered her chest. She paired the skimpy ensemble with a floor-length trench coat, and black knee-high boots.

Several fans expressed concern for Bianca Censori  in the comments sections of the content, noting “she looks very sad” in the photos. 

“He’s using her and dominating her. She’s allowing it. Sad,” wrote one fan under the comments of the first photo. Another person added, “Are You done humiliating this woman?”

A third person suggested, “this woman needs help.” 

Others encouraged him to return to his Christian values. “Come back to Jesus,” requested one fan.

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West and Bianca tied the knot in December of 2022, just a few weeks after his divorce from Kim Kardashian was finalized. In April, celebrity psychic— Inbaal Honigman— claimed the soon to be 29-year-old became a “very different lady” after marrying West, now known as as Ye. Speaking to The Mirror, Honigman, who’s also a body language expert, said Censori was “secure and happy” but now appears “tense and cautious.” 

Prior to their wedding, Honigman said her body language presented “a girl who is confident, happy with herself, secure and capable.” But then things changed.

“In pre-Kanye photos, we see Bianca standing tall to her full height, back straight, neck long and shoulders square,” she said. “All those little elements gave her the image of a lady in charge of her own life, a decision maker. A frequent displayer of cleavage, the Australian architect gave the impression of being proud of her body, and proud of who she is. Recent photos of Bianca with her new husband show a very different lady. Often we now see her with her head slightly lowered, appearing cautious. Her neck bent forward a bit, and her shoulders raised, which shows tension.”

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