Key Glock’s Girlfriend Accuses Him Of Physical Abuse In Scathing Post: ‘He Put His Hands On Me’

Memphis-bred rapper Key Glock finds himself entangled in controversy as his girlfriend, social media influencer Karin Jinsui, levels accusations of physical abuse against him.

In a series of posts, Jinsui, openly criticized and accused the “Presidential Rolex” artist of assaulting her. The situation unfolded on Monday (August 7) when Key Glock took to Twitter to publicly announce his decision to send someone back to the streets. He followed this with additional tweets the following day, hinting at relationship drama and questioning the true nature of his girlfriend’s online persona.

In response to Key Glock’s tweets, Karin Jinsui, in a post that has since been deleted from her Instagram Stories, didn’t mince words. She asserted, “All that boy has to offer is money & d*ck literally. I can find that sht a million other places. I’m a grown righteous woman & I require more than that… that he can’t offer. He’s the real one that ain’t sh*t & he knows it. He tries to ACT like he so ‘Playa’ to the public but really he’s a hurt ass little boy… that desperately needs help.”

Detailing further, she revealed, “He put his hands on me Monday because he don’t know how to have grown up conversations & I STILL ain’t call the cops or inform the hotel. I just left. Why he decided to post about the cops & they wasn’t even called is funny as hell.”


Karin Jinsui, shedding light on their history, disclosed, “This boy was literally BEGGING me to be in my presence for four years. I finally allowed it [and] it was pointless. Never entertain a FAN, ladies!” Expressing her disappointment, she conveyed, “I did my best with tryna understand him but he ain’t ready to be a man & he’s not a good person. It works for his rapper image.. not his personal affairs…”

In response to Key Glock’s tweet about being “fake Godly,” Karin Jinsui alleged, “He’s jealous that I put God before him & on a pedestal & it shows.” Addressing allegations of infidelity, she stated, “I never cheated on him,” and underscored that Key Glock struggles when a woman stands up for herself.

As her post drew to a close, Karin Jinsui declared, “Y’ALL CAN HAVE HIS A**…HE HAS ALL THAT MONEY AND HIS INSIDES IS FILTH! HOPE GOD CAN HELP HIM FIND HIS REAL SELF. I’m embarrassed I even gave this n**** a chance…but hey…. Life goes on right?” 

The incident has generated significant attention and conversations online, with fans and the public sharing varied reactions.

You can read Jinsui’s full message below.

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